The Spanish Language and Culture – August Newsletter

The Spanish Language and Culture – August Newsletter

The Spanish language and culture: Discovering the cultural weight this language carries

The Spanish language and culture is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations, ranking  Spanish as one of the most spoken languages in the world. Despite the millions of native Spanish speakers, each country has its official variant of the language primarily due to their different cultural backgrounds.  The further you dive into a country’s dialect, the more sociolects you find.

Curious to discover more interesting information about this language and its cultural background? Our August 2022 newsletter explores the Spanish and Hispanic influence as well as their dialects through articles and videos.

Keep reading to uncover the differences between these two and the role of translation in all of this. Check out our blog posts, Varieties of Spanish Language in Spain and Hispanic Culture Around the World, and their take on the subject to learn more about this fascinating language.

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