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Established in 2004, LingoStar Language Services is a versatile and resourceful language services company dedicated to excellence in quality and customer service. We provide cultural and industry-appropriate language solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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LingoStar provides translation of all types of written documents of any kind of complexity. Whether it is a personal document, a complex medical report, a technical manual, or a patent of a new design – we are here to help you.


Are you looking for the right person to interpret spoken texts in a conference, provide training, or translate verbal negotiations? LingoStar Language Services can help you find a professional interpreter that will fit your exact needs.


All of your audio and media files need to be localized if you want to attract your target audience. Voice-over translation is perfect for this purpose. With LingoStar you can find the perfect voice-over artist to help your business reach your target market.


Do you want to establish credibility with international customers? We can provide website translation to French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, and many other languages to help your customers understand and use your services or products.


We are a Canadian company and specialize in English to French translation.

Need translation from Canadian French into English or English into Canadian French?



LingoStar is looking for reliable freelance translators, interpreters, proofreaders, desktop publishers, voice-over artists, transcribers, tutors, tour guides and other language professionals who will work with us to deliver high quality services within set deadlines.


Creativity in Language and Translation: Neologisms

Creativity in a language is one aspect of human intelligence and we express it also through language and translation. Furthermore, we have to consider that languages change throughout time. Neology is the term we use to indicate the process of the creation of a new lexical unit. Neologism is the product of this activity. One of the most difficult challenges for translators is the necessity to find the right word. This happens because sometimes the perfect equivalent does not exist in the target language. That is why translators need to create new words or neologisms.  How and why do we use creativity in language translation? Creativity in language and translation is important in a lot of fields, for instance in the technological field where translators have to manage large language databases. Furthermore, they have to do some statistical calculations in order to produce correct and usable text. There are a lot of reasons that push a community to create a neologism; the creation of a new word can derive from the need to name an original reference. This is the case for a new scientific discovery or invention or a new social expression. Neologisms in different fields and creativity in language translation Creativity in language and translation and, more generally, neologisms appear in the following fields: science and technology, culture and society, politics, and art. Over the last few years, scientific and technological progress has introduced procedures and devices in our daily lives that were impossible to imagine before. As a consequence, we have to create new words, especially in the IT and communication field where all new terms... read more

Talking about the weather – How to start a conversation around the world

Weather in small talk Spring has come with new beginnings and new weather conditions. Did you know that the weather is one of the most common topics for small talk around the world? In a lot of countries, people use small talk to fill awkward silences or as a way of breaking the ice and they do that by talking about the weather. Let’s imagine you are stuck in the elevator with a person you don’t know, what do you talk about? The weather of course! However, not every country welcomes small talk. Countries like Scandinavia, Sweden, Finland and Norway are not really into small talk. As for everything related to language, it is just a question of culture. For instance, in the USA and the UK, small talk is very common. Indeed, in the USA, small talk occupies at least six hours per day of conversation. In the UK, instead, 38% of British people make small talk about the weather. Talking about the weather – the weatherese language Actually, talking about the weather is not something we do just in small talk, but rather, there is a specialised language about the weather called weatherese. Forecasters use this language in weather forecasting. The problem is that forecasters seem to pay more attention to what the weather is than to how the weather may affect people. Indeed, specialised language is often used to save time, as most people do when speaking in a particular field. The problem with forecasters is that they are talking to a general audience, so they should be understood by everyone. On the other hand, academics... read more

The Language of Women | Does Language Shape Our Thoughts About Gender?

The Language of Women As A Secret Language The language we speak shapes our thoughts about gender and our perception of reality. Many linguistic studies say that there are several types of languages in the world, including the language of women. There are natural languages (or human languages), formal languages, and artificial languages. The latter are often used and created either for amusement or for practical purposes, e.g. Esperanto. Among these are the languages created by women and for women. Mothers are key figures in children’s language development, so much so that we speak about a “mother tongue” to identify a native speaker of a particular language. However, from a linguistic point of view, there is no “female language”, “language of women” or “natural female language”. The Language of Women and Prejudices We also have to consider that our language reflects our social prejudices. What happens if none of the existing languages enable women to express the feelings and emotions inherent to them? What happens if women can’t express the way they feel and think because their language doesn’t contain the right words to convey their thoughts? Or because their language describes and reflects a patriarchal society? Think about how you use your language and whether it’s more geared towards how men or how women express themselves. Native Tongue As A Language of Women, By Suzette Haden Elgin  The American linguist and writer Suzette Haden Elgin addressed this topic in the 80’s. She theorized that if women had their own language to express their opinions, they might represent reality in a very different way than when men talk. To... read more

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Working with LingoStar on many multilingual projects for both translation and voice-over is a real pleasure. Their work is extremely well-managed and the attention to detail – a must in the translation field – is outstanding. Thank you, LingoStar!

Gemma Scott

Operations Manager, Go2 Productions / Apple Inc.

LingoStar consistently delivers on time and in the format that best suits the needs of our business. We often need last-minute translations, and LingoStar’s highly professional team of translators has never disappointed.

Sina Noureddin

Mobidia Technology, Inc.



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