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Established in 2004, LingoStar Language Services is a versatile and resourceful language services company dedicated to excellence in quality and customer service. We provide cultural and industry-appropriate language solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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LingoStar provides translation of all types of written documents of any kind of complexity. Whether it is a personal document, a complex medical report, a technical manual, or a patent of a new design – we are here to help you.


Are you looking for the right person to interpret spoken texts in a conference, provide training, or translate verbal negotiations? LingoStar Language Services can help you find a professional interpreter that will fit your exact needs.


All of your audio and media files need to be localized if you want to attract your target audience. Voice-over translation is perfect for this purpose. With LingoStar you can find the perfect voice-over artist to help your business reach your target market.


Do you want to establish credibility with international customers? We can provide website translation to French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, and many other languages to help your customers understand and use your services or products.


We are a Canadian company and specialize in English to French translation.

Need translation from Canadian French into English or English into Canadian French?



LingoStar is looking for reliable freelance translators, interpreters, proofreaders, desktop publishers, voice-over artists, transcribers, tutors, tour guides and other language professionals who will work with us to deliver high quality services within set deadlines.


Audiovisual Productions: The Role of Translation and Bilingual Actors

Audiovisual productions and their translation Films, series, music, documentaries… These audiovisual productions are now an integral part of our daily lives and have become one of the most common forms of entertainment for families and friends. However, like many other businesses, the world of audiovisual production has changed and evolved over the years. The way information is communicated today is very different from the way it was communicated many years ago. In the beginning, films were silent (who doesn’t know the famous Charlie Chaplin) and therefore there was no language barrier to exporting these films. The concept of films changed when dialogues appeared. It was no longer a simple video production. Other factors also gained importance: dialogues, languages, sounds, etc. This is why translation plays such a crucial role in audiovisual productions today. Without it, language barriers could not be overcome, and films and series could not be exported.  Translating audiovisual productions Dialogues and languages are not the only features that have changed the audiovisual world. There is another more recent factor to consider: streaming platforms. Everyone is familiar with these “new” platforms. They have become part of our lives in recent years. The number of series and films produced has grown exponentially since the creation of these companies. More productions, more languages, more actors, more actresses, more translation services needed… In fact, the development of this sector has been extensive and has not yet reached its peak.  Films and series with multiple languages in their plots If we focus on languages, we can assume that, depending on the country where the film or series is made, the language... read more

Personality and Language: What Links Them?

Do personality and language go hand in hand? Have you ever noticed that your behaviour changes when you speak a language other than your mother tongue? Do you speak louder than usual or use your body language more (or less) in a particular language? Most multilingual or multicultural people would answer “yes” to these questions. This is because a certain relationship exists between personality and language. In fact, several scientific studies suggest that these adaptations, or “shifts”, are exactly what happens when you speak another language. In this blog post, we will focus on the relationship between a language and a speaker’s personality when using a particular language. What factors link personality and language? Studies suggest that people are likely to change their personality depending on the language they speak. This phenomenon is due to people’s perceptions of the language and its culture. It is not difficult to imagine that you feel more confident speaking in your mother tongue than in a foreign language. How confident you are in speaking a particular language affects how you behave. For example, if you are unsure about grammatical rules, you are likely to be afraid of making a mistake. You may therefore avoid speaking the language.  However, this is not the only factor linking your personality and the language you speak. In fact, another aspect has a greater impact on your behaviour. Studies suggest that how you perceive a given language determines how you behave with that language. Put simply, the perceptions you have of a particular language lead you to behave in a certain way. For example, if you associate French... read more

How Translators Worldwide Improve Our Lives

The number of translators in the world It is said that there are 6,900 different languages in the world today. In a world where so many languages exist, there are professionals who play an important role in connecting people through different languages. These professionals are translators, located worldwide. They introduce foreign cultures and their languages to their communities. Furthermore, they translate the nuances of other languages accurately and, through accurate translation, they help to provide relevant information. Even if not always obvious, translators worldwide affect in our lives in numerous ways. For example, they help to convey messages to younger generations. As languages change over time, translators must adapt. The Internet gave birth to slang, and the younger generation creates new words all the time. Therefore, translators need to constantly keep up with the latest language trends. So, how many translators are there in the world? According to some estimates, there are 640,000 translators in the world. They are based in various regions around the world and work on a wide variety of translations. Their presence is essential to keep the 6,900 languages alive. How translators worldwide help people’s lives Translators worldwide are behind many of the things we do and enjoy. Take arts and culture, for example. Many books and artworks have become available thanks to the work of translators. Another fitting example is the film industry. Numerous countries make films and watch those with subtitles or dubbed into other languages. If a movie is made in one language only, it cannot be distributed and shared across the globe. And this is where translators come in. Translators are... read more

LingoStar Translation Agency has launched a new series of interviews and stories about interesting people and artists who recount their life experiences to us. We are happy to know that there are so many talented, extraordinary people and that we have a chance to share these stories with you!

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Working with LingoStar on many multilingual projects for both translation and voice-over is a real pleasure. Their work is extremely well-managed and the attention to detail – a must in the translation field – is outstanding. Thank you, LingoStar!

Gemma Scott

Operations Manager, Go2 Productions / Apple Inc.

LingoStar consistently delivers on time and in the format that best suits the needs of our business. We often need last-minute translations, and LingoStar’s highly professional team of translators has never disappointed.

Sina Noureddin

Mobidia Technology, Inc.



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