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Established in 2004, LingoStar Language Services is a versatile and resourceful language services company dedicated to excellence in quality and customer service. We provide cultural and industry-appropriate language solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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LingoStar provides translation of all types of written documents of any kind of complexity. Whether it is a personal document, a complex medical report, a technical manual, or a patent of a new design – we are here to help you.


Are you looking for the right person to interpret spoken texts in a conference, provide training, or translate verbal negotiations? LingoStar Language Services can help you find a professional interpreter that will fit your exact needs.


All of your audio and media files need to be localized if you want to attract your target audience. Voice-over translation is perfect for this purpose. With LingoStar you can find the perfect voice-over artist to help your business reach your target market.


Do you want to establish credibility with international customers? We can provide website translation to French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, and many other languages to help your customers understand and use your services or products.


We are a Canadian company and specialize in English to French translation.

Need translation from Canadian French into English or English into Canadian French?



LingoStar is looking for reliable freelance translators, interpreters, proofreaders, desktop publishers, voice-over artists, transcribers, tutors, tour guides and other language professionals who will work with us to deliver high quality services within set deadlines.


Languages in India: A Landscape of Linguistic Diversity

Multilingualism of India  Let’s talk about India and the languages in India. India is a country largely known for its cultural and linguistic diversity. It boasts over 700 languages. At the same time, it is home to the world’s most linguistically diverse population, showcasing India’s unique tapestry reflecting its rich heritage and history. Therefore, for a business aiming to tap into this diverse market, effective communication is key. As a leading language translation company, LingoStar translators recognize the crucial importance of embracing linguistic diversity in building meaningful connections and fostering growth. The major languages in India Hindi is the official language of India, as declared by the Indian government. It is spoken by nearly 44% of the population and it acts as a lingua franca in many parts of the country. Alongside Hindi, English is one of the languages in India that holds a significant place as an associate official language.  Other major languages in India include Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, and Urdu, each with millions of speakers and a deep literary tradition.  Why do languages matter in India? Effective communication between the languages of India goes beyond mere translation; it also involves the localization of its cultures. Each state often has its own official language, such as Bengali in West Bengal, Tamil in Tamil Nadu, Telugu in Andhra Pradesh, and Marathi in Maharashtra. Therefore, if you do business in India, this means tailoring your message to align with local sensibilities and cultural nuances. As a result, consumers are more likely to engage with content that acknowledges and respects their linguistic and cultural identities.  The importance of translating languages... read more

Environmental Translation: How Translation Can Contribute to Sustainable Development

Can translators help to improve our environment? The world is facing an environmental crisis. Climate change, biodiversity loss, pollution, deforestation, ecosystem degradation, and natural resource depletion are some of the consequences of human activity. Tackling the global environmental crisis requires individual and collective efforts across different sectors and levels of society to protect future generations. Environmental translation is essential to introduce new regulations and to create campaigns in a globalized world. What is environmental translation? Environmental translation refers to the translation of environmental or scientific documents from one language into another. Some of these documents include policies, regulations, laws, assessments, sustainability reports, agreements, plans, articles and educational materials. There are several purposes for environmental translation or interpretation. This type of language conversion can be used to communicate effectively with diverse audiences and to address environmental issues on a global scale. What to look for in an environmental translator? Professional environmental translators are linguists who specialize in translating documents related to the environment. Environmental translation involves complex concepts, technical terminology, and specific jargon that may not be easily understood by those without expertise in the field. Translators must be familiar with specific areas of environmental science, such as climate change, sustainability, ecology, renewable energy, conservation, waste management, etc. Environmental translators and interpreters must be fluent in both the source and target languages. But, also have an extensive knowledge of environmental vocabulary and concepts. They must be familiar with specialized dictionaries, glossaries and terminology databases to ensure consistency in translations. They must also keep abreast of new developments, trends and terminology in the field. In addition, it is normal for some... read more

Consecutive Interpreting: The Key to a Smooth Communication in Your Meetings

Interpreting services for all your needs Interpreting services are needed in various social situations to facilitate effective communication between different parties who do not share the same language. Some of the most common interpreting modes are consecutive interpreting, simultaneous interpreting, whispered interpreting, also known as chuchotage, and sight translation. In this article, we introduce you to the main mode of interpreting for which we offer interpreting services: consecutive interpreting. What is consecutive interpreting? Unlike simultaneous interpreting, where the interpreter interprets the speaker’s words into the audience’s language within a few seconds, consecutive interpreting takes place after the speaker has finished speaking. While the speaker is speaking, the interpreter takes notes in order to produce an accurate summary of the speech in the other language. Simultaneous interpreting is best suited for meetings where there is one keynote speaker, while consecutive interpreting is more suitable for meetings with several speakers where there will be back-and-forth communication.  At LingoStar, we have extensive experience in interpreting projects, especially consecutive interpreting. We regularly work with professional consecutive interpreters on projects in a variety of fields, usually public or social services, including business meetings, legal proceedings, and medical appointments. What to look for in a consecutive interpreter What does it take to become a consecutive interpreter? Can anyone do it, or does it require special training and skills? A professional interpreter needs to practise a number of skills on a regular basis in order to deliver a coherent and structured speech that conveys the same information as the original speech, with the same tone, register, and intonation. Every consecutive interpreter must be proficient in note-taking.... read more

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Working with LingoStar on many multilingual projects for both translation and voice-over is a real pleasure. Their work is extremely well-managed and the attention to detail – a must in the translation field – is outstanding. Thank you, LingoStar!

Gemma Scott

Operations Manager, Go2 Productions / Apple Inc.

LingoStar consistently delivers on time and in the format that best suits the needs of our business. We often need last-minute translations, and LingoStar’s highly professional team of translators has never disappointed.

Sina Noureddin

Mobidia Technology, Inc.



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