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Established in 2004, LingoStar Language Services is a versatile and resourceful language services company dedicated to excellence in quality and customer service. We provide cultural and industry-appropriate language solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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LingoStar provides translation of all types of written documents of any kind of complexity. Whether it is a personal document, a complex medical report, a technical manual, or a patent of a new design – we are here to help you.


Are you looking for the right person to interpret spoken texts in a conference, provide training, or translate verbal negotiations? LingoStar Language Services can help you find a professional interpreter that will fit your exact needs.


All of your audio and media files need to be localized if you want to attract your target audience. Voice-over translation is perfect for this purpose. With LingoStar you can find the perfect voice-over artist to help your business reach your target market.


Do you want to establish credibility with international customers? We can provide website translation to French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, and many other languages to help your customers understand and use your services or products.


We are a Canadian company and specialize in English to French translation.

Need translation from Canadian French into English or English into Canadian French?



LingoStar is looking for reliable freelance translators, interpreters, proofreaders, desktop publishers, voice-over artists, transcribers, tutors, tour guides and other language professionals who will work with us to deliver high quality services within set deadlines.


The Bengali Language and the History of its Evolution

Some data about the Bengali language The Bengali language, also called Bangla, is the official and national language of Bangladesh, but not the only one. “Bangla” is written বাংলা in the Bengali script. This writing system (brahmic script) is the 6th most widely used one in the world. The original inhabitants of the Bengal region of Southwest Asia are the Bengalis. 98 % of Bangladeshi people speak Bengali as their first language. It is also one of the official languages of India. Indeed, 7.1 % of Indians speak it. It is the most widely spoken of the 22 languages of India, after Hindi. Other communities speak it, for example in Pakistan, in the UK or in the USA. In a nutshell, it is the 5th most spoken language by native speakers in the world. It is also the 7th most spoken language by the total number of speakers. There are around 267 million speakers, of which 230 million are native. The evolution of the Bengali language The Bengali language can be traced back to 3500 B.C. to the Indo-European language family. Many assume that it was born from Sanskrit. But scholars and linguists believe that it derives from Indo-Aryan languages like Magadhi Prakrit and Pali. Modern Bengali uses words taken from Turkish, Portuguese, Persian or English, for example. We can divide the evolution of the Bengali language into three stages: Old Bengali, Middle Bengali and Modern Bengali. Old Bengali dates back to around 650 A.D. when priests and scholars widely used Sanskrit in literary works in Bengal. However, this is a bit of a dark area in the history... read more

English Language Etymology from a French Perspective

English is the product of many cultures and despite being of Germanic origin, an important part of English language etymology finds its source in the French language. In Twenty Years After – the sequel to The Three Musketeers by French novelist Alexandre Dumas – D’Artagnan said “English is little more than badly pronounced French”. Several years later, George Clémenceau (early 20th century French PM) said the same. Is there any truth in their claim? To find out, we need to go back in time and look at English language etymology in its historical context. But first, here are a few useful definitions. English Language Etymology: Definitions Cognates Cognates are words that share a common ancestry. True cognates might not be instantly recognizable; they only share the same etymology. But they can also have the same spelling and meaning, or they can be loanwords or calques. They can be close cognates (same meaning but slight variation in spelling) and even false cognates (or “false friends” – same spelling but different meaning). For example: True cognates: to attest < attester, from Latin ad-testari, curfew < couvre-feu, from the Old French cuevrefeu (used in the Middle Ages when fires had to be covered and people had to be home and off the streets by a certain time), coward < couard, Old French.Close cognates: analytique > analytical, créatif > creative, banque > bank.False friends: magasin (FR) = shop (EN) not magazine (publication), douche (FR) = shower (EN) not douche (EN) (medical term or type of person), bras (FR) = arm (EN) not bra (EN) (undergarment). Read more about the etymology of words between... read more

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Working with LingoStar on many multilingual projects for both translation and voice-over is a real pleasure. Their work is extremely well-managed and the attention to detail – a must in the translation field – is outstanding. Thank you, LingoStar!

Gemma Scott

Operations Manager, Go2 Productions / Apple Inc.

LingoStar consistently delivers on time and in the format that best suits the needs of our business. We often need last-minute translations, and LingoStar’s highly professional team of translators has never disappointed.

Sina Noureddin

Mobidia Technology, Inc.



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