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Established in 2004, LingoStar Language Services is a versatile and resourceful language services company dedicated to excellence in quality and customer service. We provide cultural and industry-appropriate language solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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LingoStar provides translation of all types of written documents of any kind of complexity. Whether it is a personal document, a complex medical report, a technical manual, or a patent of a new design – we are here to help you.


Are you looking for the right person to interpret spoken texts in a conference, provide training, or translate verbal negotiations? LingoStar Language Services can help you find a professional interpreter that will fit your exact needs.


All of your audio and media files need to be localized if you want to attract your target audience. Voice-over translation is perfect for this purpose. With LingoStar you can find the perfect voice-over artist to help your business reach your target market.


Do you want to establish credibility with international customers? We can provide website translation to French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, and many other languages to help your customers understand and use your services or products.


We are a Canadian company and specialize in English to French translation.

Need translation from Canadian French into English or English into Canadian French?



LingoStar is looking for reliable freelance translators, interpreters, proofreaders, desktop publishers, voice-over artists, transcribers, tutors, tour guides and other language professionals who will work with us to deliver high quality services within set deadlines.


Linguistic Evolution: Challenges and Opportunities for Translators

Dynamic languages: a multifaceted world Language is a living entity in perpetual evolution, constantly evolving and adapting to the ever-changing world around us. This ever-changing nature of language is a fascinating and sometimes challenging aspect for those working in the translation industry. Translators and linguists have to navigate within the intricate web of linguistic evolution, where words and expressions can undergo profound changes. This dynamic nature of language is not only a challenge but it’s also an extraordinary opportunity to engage with diverse linguistic contexts and bridge communication gaps. The translator’s challenge(s): adapting to linguistic evolution Translators and linguists face a unique set of challenges when dealing with the evolving linguistic landscape. They have to keep up with the subtle shifts in meaning, tone, and cultural connotations that words and phrases inevitably undergo over time. However, within this dynamic environment lies a world of exciting opportunities for professional growth. Cultural Proficiency: Embracing Linguistic Evolution with Cultural Insight Because language reflects cultural nuances, staying abreast of linguistic changes requires a deep understanding of the cultures associated with those languages. Translators who embrace this aspect of linguistic dynamism develop a heightened cultural proficiency that enables them to produce more accurate and culturally sensitive translations. Specialization: Thriving in Evolving Fields with Specialized KnowledgeLinguistic evolution often leads to the emergence of new terminology and jargon in various fields, from technology to healthcare. Translators can choose to specialize in these areas, enhancing their industry-specific knowledge and becoming sought-after experts in their niche. Continuous Learning: Staying on the Cutting Edge of Linguistic DevelopmentsAdapting to linguistic change requires ongoing training. Translators and linguists are encouraged to... read more

Transcreation and Creation: The Power Of Words

Transcreation, the perfect cocktail of translation and creation, is a powerful tool. The power of words intentionally strung together to bridge cultural and communication gaps effectively in diverse markets. It is a marketing strategy used to adapt content to different cultural contexts and languages beyond word-for-word translation. What are transcreation and creation? Transcreation is the art of reinventing, recreating, and reimagining content. By focusing on the essence, emotion, and cultural nuances of a message, they preserve the original intent and impact of a product or service. However, successful communications must transcend barriers. It recognises that language and culture cannot be separated, and therefore, adapts to cultural nuances like idioms, humour, and sensitivities. Transcreators ensure that brand messages resonate with the target audience on a deeper and emotional level to form stronger brand connections leading to increased brand engagement. A guide to creative adaptation in marketing The process typically starts with a thorough understanding of the brand, its values, the target audience, the desired message, and the goal. Thus, transcreators will analyze the source content and identify key elements. They will reimagine visuals, alter metaphors, creatively rewrite, and even recreate new concepts adapted to fit the cultural context of the target market. What do transcreation and creation entail? Transcreation involves extensive research, cultural immersion and firm mastery of the power of words. This further ensures that the adapted content aligns with the cultural norms, customs, and preferences of the target audience. By taking into account cultural sensitivities, historical references, local trends, and idiomatic expressions, they can appeal positively and avoid cultural faux pas with the intended market. How to localize... read more

Lost In Translation

Balancing Creativity and Cultural Relevance Have you ever been lost in translation? A recurring mistake to make is to assume that translation is limited to mere linguistic conversion, that is swapping a word for another word. The reality, however, is that translators go above and beyond to be able to capture and convey messages accurately in different languages and cultures. Not an easy feat, by any means, as striking the right balance between creativity and cultural relevance is exceptionally challenging. Creativity plays a radical role in translation, especially so when conveying idioms, metaphors, and cultural nuances with no direct equivalents in other languages. These situations call to the creative skills of translators to concoct inventive solutions to preserve the impact and goal of the source text while ensuring the transfer in language maintains clarity and understanding in the target language. A successful translation is a culturally relevant one. Where a deep understanding of cultural norms, customs and values shine through in both the source and target language. The translator needs to ensure that the translated content is appropriate and relatable to the targeted audience. They take into account historical, social, and linguistic nuances that can potentially harm the message intended. Transcreation: Avoid getting lost in translation The perfect blend of translation, creation and cultural relevance is transcreation. Transcreators have the flexibility to deviate from the literal translation, original structure, and limited creativity. They can focus on recreating and restructuring the words around the message, goal and emotion of a product or service. They incorporate humour, wordplay, and other culturally relevant elements, eliminating the possibility of a-lost-in-translation problem. Striking the... read more

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Working with LingoStar on many multilingual projects for both translation and voice-over is a real pleasure. Their work is extremely well-managed and the attention to detail – a must in the translation field – is outstanding. Thank you, LingoStar!

Gemma Scott

Operations Manager, Go2 Productions / Apple Inc.

LingoStar consistently delivers on time and in the format that best suits the needs of our business. We often need last-minute translations, and LingoStar’s highly professional team of translators has never disappointed.

Sina Noureddin

Mobidia Technology, Inc.



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