The Most Spoken Languages In The World – June Newsletter

The Most Spoken Languages In The World – June Newsletter

The World’s Most Spoken Languages

It is undeniable that we live in a multilingual world. Have you ever looked up the statistics on the world’s most-spoken languages? At LingoStar, we love being in touch with different languages, so we’ve decided to dedicate this newsletter to the most spoken and studied languages around the world. If you want to expand your knowledge and learn interesting facts about languages, read this newsletter. You will discover that French is the only language spoken on five continents!

Also, discover the role of translation in all of this. Check out our blog post called Languages Around the World.

In this newsletter, you will find articles and videos about languages that will be increasingly important in the future, and why language skills are critical to success here in Canada!

At LingoStar, we are passionate about translation and its challenges. That’s why we always strive to produce the best translations for our clients. Want to know more?





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June 11, 2022