AI under the Christmas Tree: Technology and Translation – December Newsletter

AI under the Christmas Tree: Technology and Translation – December Newsletter

December has arrived and this can only mean one thing: Christmas is in the air! We’re all feeling that warm and bright atmosphere typically present during this period and, of course, we’re all busy sorting out Christmas presents. Over the years, it’s become increasingly common to see AI under the Christmas tree.

Indeed, the more time passes, the more children ask for technology-related presents in their letters. Nowadays, toys speak, sing and even walk! Dolls look more and more like real babies; they can drink milk, sigh and even cry. Artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly present in our lives and is being used to create appealing toys for children.

For this reason, we’ve dedicated this month’s newsletter to artificial intelligence. At LingoStar, we always try to produce the best translations for our clients and it’s interesting to see how artificial intelligence is changing the world of translation. As you will read in our blog post, it’s easy to see how agencies use AI in their translations, especially when they need a text translated in little time. However, speed is not always synonymous with efficiency!

In addition to celebrating a few favourite international days, our newsletter contains interesting material about how AI is present under the Christmas tree and how it is affecting the field of translation, especially in subtitling and dubbing. Read our newsletter to know more!