Travelling and Translating – May Newsletter

Travelling and Translating – May Newsletter

Travel and Translation – Discovering New Traditions

Who doesn’t love to travel? Travelling and translating is a way to meet new people and cultures all over the world. But it is important that we adapt to the customs in certain situations. It’s not always easy, and it can turn your world upside down. Some cultures can be very different from ours: what may seem normal to one culture may seem extraordinary to another. Since we at LingoStar love languages and exploring the world, this month’s newsletter focuses on travel and translation.

Read on to discover what role translation plays in all of this. Check out our blog post called Travel and Translation: Two Different Ways To Meet New Cultures. It’s very interesting and you’ll learn a lot about these two topics.

If you’re even more curious, check out the May 2022 newsletter that we’ve dedicated to this fascinating topic.

The newsletter focuses on the challenges translators face when translating Japanese documents with notable cultural differences while trying to maintain meaning in the target language.

You’ll also find interesting articles and videos about the experiences of travellers like Rick Steves, who has been living out of a suitcase, travelling, translating, and more, for 4 months of the year for the past 30 years!

At LingoStar, we are passionate about translation and its challenges. That’s why we always strive to produce the best translations for our clients. Want to know more about the connection between travelling and translating, languages, and cultures?