Gender Equality Expressed Through Language – March Newsletter

Gender Equality Expressed Through Language – March Newsletter

Language and Gender Equality – March Newsletter

One of the most debated issues of history is language and gender equality. Women are now participating in all areas of professional life. Yet, there is still a lot of work to be done before we can state that gender equality exists. 

Additionally, we are living in a gender-fluid world where everything isn’t just about men and women. 

Keep on reading to discover the role of translation in all of this. Check out two very interesting blog posts about this topic:

Gender Equality in Languages and The Language of Women.

If you’re even more curious, check out the March 2022 newsletter that we’ve dedicated to this intriguing topic.

The focus of the newsletter is on the challenges that translators have to tackle when translating anything related to gender.

You’ll also find interesting articles and videos about the language of women called Nushu and their fight to obtain civil rights in a patriarchal society.

At LingoStar, we are passionate about translation and its challenges. That’s why we always try to produce the best translations for our clients. Want to know more about the connection between women, languages, and translation?





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March 24, 2022