The Black Friday Dilemma – November Newsletter

The Black Friday Dilemma – November Newsletter

Black Friday has been a worldwide tradition for a long time now. There is only one aim on that day: buy as much as you can, whether you need it or not! However, the consumerism encouraged on this day has started to make a few enemies. As a result, some people have created the “Buy Nothing Project”, where, if you want to get something, you can ask for it but you give something you don’t need in return.

Black Friday is considered a good opportunity for brands to expand their businesses, and since expansion means capturing a wider audience, we’re naturally interested in it! So, we’ve decided to look into Black Friday and Cyber Monday, in more detail in this newsletter.

This month’s blog post also deals with the importance of services like translation and localization in ad campaigns.

If you want to know more about marketing and translation, keep scrolling!



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November 25, 2022