Project Management Workflow – May Newsletter

Project Management Workflow – May Newsletter

Wondering about project management workflow? Well, look no further.

It’s been a  very busy month here at LingoStar! So naturally, we are inviting you for a sneak peek at the project management workflow process required to keep our engine oiled and running.

Take a look at what it takes to manage and tackle our huge workload in our blog post translation agencies and project management. From a step-to-step outline to general rules and guidelines to help you navigate your translation tasks easier.

If you are a skeptic of translation companies, let us convince you.

Hiring LingoStar’s professionals for your translations is better than freelancers. Our blog will further convince you that our expertise and reach in the language community is the better option for your buck.

Project managers: how to know if your expertise can translate into the language field? Our blog will put your mind at ease if you are debating whether your management skillset is transferable to the translation field. Find out if you are eligible for an exciting career change!

As a matter of fact, join us for a fun-filled adventure into the project management world!

Take a crash course on the fundamentals of project management with Rhona. Let her take you on a tour of the project management world. Learn about her key terms, common techniques, and lifecycles and methodologies in her youtube video.

Moreover, find out what works for you and your team in terms of project management styles, navigate your way around software, use tools effectively, and avoid burnout.

And as always, don’t miss out on our cultural tour where we take you on a guided journey to explore a specific part of the world. Follow us on our Instagram page, as we delve into Turkey and its amazing ways of life! Feeling, smelling, seeing, hearing, and tasting the world from their perspective!