Food and Language Connection – January Newsletter

Food and Language Connection – January Newsletter

Food and Language – What is the connection?

Food is a vital part of life, and so is the language we speak. We all need food, it is fuel for our body, and it gives us energy and powers our runs. But food is also part of our language, our culture, and our identity. Food represents what we are, if it is true that we are what we eat. Hence the relationship between food and translation. As we all know, language and culture are intrinsically related. Since food is part of our culture and life, it is unavoidable that translating the language of food will represent a hurdle for translators. This is true not just for food, but also for any culture-related elements. To overcome this hurdle, translators have different translation techniques at their disposal.

For this reason, we have dedicated this month’s newsletter to the challenges that translators have to tackle when translating food-related documents, such as recipes, menus, or idiomatic expressions.

You’ll find an interesting blog post on this topic in our January newsletter.

At LingoStar, we are passionate about translation and its challenges. That’s why we always try to produce the best translations for our clients. Want to know more about the connection between food, culture and translation?