Christmas Presents – December Newsletter

Christmas Presents – December Newsletter

Christmas is in the air, and we can all feel it!🎄Are you done with getting your Christmas presents?

Celebrated around the world in different forms and traditions, this holiday season is an opportunity to gather with family and friends. The race to get everyone’s Christmas presents to mark the occasion is inevitable and can sometimes be quite tricky! Running out of gift ideas for your children? LingoStar suggests trying for a multilingual toy!

Our blog post, Multilingual Toys Under the Christmas Tree, highlights the importance of learning another language and its benefits of starting to do so from an early age. Indulge in our fascination this month with articles, videos, and, of course, our newsletter on promoting multilingualism in children through toys.

Finishing up, this week’s cultural curiosity is taking us to Finland.

This and lots more, you only have to keep on scrolling through our newsletter to find out!