Consecutive Interpreting: The Key to a Smooth Communication in Your Meetings

Consecutive Interpreting: The Key to a Smooth Communication in Your Meetings

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Interpreting services are needed in various social situations to facilitate effective communication between different parties who do not share the same language. Some of the most common interpreting modes are consecutive interpreting, simultaneous interpreting, whispered interpreting, also known as chuchotage, and sight translation.

In this article, we introduce you to the main mode of interpreting for which we offer interpreting services: consecutive interpreting.

What is consecutive interpreting?

Unlike simultaneous interpreting, where the interpreter interprets the speaker’s words into the audience’s language within a few seconds, consecutive interpreting takes place after the speaker has finished speaking. While the speaker is speaking, the interpreter takes notes in order to produce an accurate summary of the speech in the other language. Simultaneous interpreting is best suited for meetings where there is one keynote speaker, while consecutive interpreting is more suitable for meetings with several speakers where there will be back-and-forth communication. 

At LingoStar, we have extensive experience in interpreting projects, especially consecutive interpreting. We regularly work with professional consecutive interpreters on projects in a variety of fields, usually public or social services, including business meetings, legal proceedings, and medical appointments.

What to look for in a consecutive interpreter

What does it take to become a consecutive interpreter? Can anyone do it, or does it require special training and skills? A professional interpreter needs to practise a number of skills on a regular basis in order to deliver a coherent and structured speech that conveys the same information as the original speech, with the same tone, register, and intonation.

Every consecutive interpreter must be proficient in note-taking. Taking structured notes while interpreting is a way of highlighting the most important information. It also helps with concentration and memorization as it encourages active listening. There are several note-taking systems, and they all include keywords, symbols and abbreviations to speed up the process. In addition, the interpreter should have an excellent short-term memory, which can be trained through various exercises. Preparing the subject matter in advance and compiling a glossary of specific terminology related to it can also help during the interpreting process.

In addition to having a deep understanding of both languages and cultures, as well as extensive knowledge of interpreting techniques and the subject matter of the meeting, the consecutive interpreter must be able to cope with the stress and fatigue caused by listening, analyzing, reformulating and speaking simultaneously for long periods of time. Moreover, it is important for consecutive interpreters to have a clear diction, and to take care of their voice in order to speak intelligibly.

LingoStar’s consecutive interpreting services

At LingoStar, we offer the services of highly trained professionals with broad backgrounds and expertise in their fields. Some of the scenarios and working environments in which our consecutive interpreters work include: 

  • Business meetings 

Globalization is bringing nations closer together. Companies are looking for business opportunities abroad. Consecutive interpreting can put an end to confusion and misunderstanding between parties trying to reach a business agreement. At LingoStar, we frequently interpret into Mandarin, Cantonese, French Canadian, Spanish, Korean, and Japanese.

  • Civil Lawsuit: Examination for discovery

This process in a civil lawsuit takes place in law firms before the trial. It is a pre-trial procedure in which lawyers for each party interview the other parties and examine all the documents relating to the matters involved in the lawsuit. Consecutive interpreting plays a key role in the preparation of the case. The most commonly requested languages in Vancouver are Mandarin and Cantonese.

  • Medical consultations

It is vital for patients to understand everything that is said in the doctor’s surgery, from the diagnosis to the prescription of medication, which is why consecutive interpreting is essential to avoid misunderstandings, as everyone could end up paying a high price for a mistake in this area. At LingoStar, we have interpreted for patients in Punjabi, Spanish, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese Mandarin, Chinese Cantonese, and other languages. 

  • Guided tours

Consecutive interpreting is required for sightseeing tours so that a foreign individual or a group can understand the information regarding their itinerary and therefore enjoy and make the most of the sightseeing tour. We have completed interpreting for guided tours in German, French, Russian, Italian, and other languages. 

There are many more situations in which consecutive interpreting is indispensable such as court hearings, conferences, presentations, and interviews.

Professional translators and interpreters at your fingertips 

At LingoStar, we offer consecutive interpreting services in addition to many other language services. If you’re looking for a consecutive interpreter, we work with consecutive interpreters who are highly trained professionals with extensive experience and expertise in their field. We also have an extensive network of professional translators who can assist you from anywhere in the world. If you need professional translation or interpreting services, please feel free to request a free quote on our website. Send us your documents to You can also call us on 604-629-8420. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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