Translation Internship English and French in Canada

Translation Internship English and French in Canada

In this blog post, we’re introducing our former French intern who has completed an internship with our company. She’s described the process of looking for a translation internship and what her learning outcomes were. If you’re interested in looking for a translation internship in Canada, read on!

Let me introduce myself. I’m a  French university student and my mission was to complete an internship in Canada. Indeed, this is a requirement of my translation studies. This internship is part of the second year of my master’s degree in translation. Following a bachelor’s degree in translation (English/Portuguese and French) and then a master’s degree, this internship was the way to conclude my five years of studies in this field. My internship didn’t have to satisfy a long list of requirements. I had to work with one of my languages, evolve in a professional translation environment (translation agency/department or an independent translator) and a professional had to supervise me.

Looking for an internship in a translation agency in Canada

After an internship with an independent translator last year, it was logical for me to do this one in a translation agency. I wanted to discover precisely how an agency works from the inside, how to manage a project, and also be able to work on a range of diverse projects. Diverse in terms of languages but also services, not only translation but also interpreting, subtitling, and more. I wanted to combine this internship and my desire to discover Canada. It’s for this reason that I started researching Canadian agencies.

Finding a translation agency

LingoStar is one of the first agencies where I applied. After several emails with the owner, we planned a remote video interview. The whole application process was smooth and easy to do, whilst being at university at the same time. The hardest part was the application to visit Canada and obtain my internship work permit. However, LingoStar helped me throughout the entire process. Lingostar sent me a very detailed file with all the documents and information I needed. This made the administrative process a lot easier.

The actual internship for translation students

During the first week of the internship, you discover all the tasks you’ll have to do, the way to manage a project, and how to communicate with clients and translators. The training is well organized, and you have a lot of resources at your disposal (video tutorials and written documents). You are expected to be operational and to contribute quickly. Even though it can seem a bit overwhelming at first, it’s the best way to apply everything you’ve learned during your training sessions. Don’t worry, during your training, and even after, there’s always someone available to answer any of your questions and to help you. Practising is the best and most efficient way to learn!

Translation internship tasks

I was an intern at LingoStar for 5 months. Initially, I thought it was long, but the tasks are so diverse that every day was different. My main task was to manage projects. This means being the link between the clients and the translators and assure the quality of the work before the delivery. This mission encompasses a lot of small tasks such as creating quotes, verifying invoices, and preparing documents for translation. I also had the opportunity to do a lot of editing and proofreading. I really appreciated that because it enabled me to apply what I learned during my university classes.

Diverse translation tasks

The tasks I had to do as an intern were diverse as well as the projects themselves. Translations represent a huge part of the requests we receive. However, there are also projects requiring interpretation, voice-over or recordings, and subtitling. The latter was the one I enjoyed working on the most, as it meant I could apply what I learned at university. I could finally use in a practical way and for a real client what I previously only learned in a theoretical way or through exercises.

Translation internship learning outcomes

There are two main aspects that made this internship impactful for both my studies and my future career. First of all, having had the opportunity to apply my knowledge in concrete situations. Secondly, seeing the differences between what I learned and what actually happens in reality.

This five-month internship at LingoStar exceeded my expectations. I learned more than I thought I would, and I felt comfortable really quickly, mainly thanks to the team that’s always available to help and give advice. A five-month internship could seem long but for me, it was one of its strengths. Throughout these five months, I had the time to learn, adapt to LingoStar’s way of work, and feel confident enough to manage important projects.

If you’d like to apply for an internship at LingoStar, please send your resume and cover letter to and indicate your desired dates for the internship. We look forward to hearing from you!