Translation Internship Broadcast / Webinar – Recording Available

Translation Internship Broadcast / Webinar – Recording Available

Welcome to LingoStar’s Translation Internship BROADCAST page
How a translation internship advances your translation career

This FREE online webinar took place on:

Tuesday, 8 June 2021
10:30 am PT (Vancouver) /
1:30 pm ET (New York) / 7:30 pm GMT+2 (Paris)

Listen to these Translation Experts in the Translation Internship Broadcast

translation internship czech

Lenka de Graafova, M.A.
Managing Director of LingoStar
and the Host of the Webinar

Lenka has spent 15 years sharing her translation project management expertise with translation students from over 20 countries.

translation internship spanish

Maria Sofia Delmastro, M.A.
Project Manager at LingoStar

Sofia completed her internship at Lingostar, learned the project management workflow to perfection, and now successfully runs LingoStar’s multilingual projects.

translation internship french

Agnès Hawthorne, M.A.
Audiovisual Translator
English <> French

Agnès brought her excellent English and French language writing skills to good use during her internship at LingoStar and now works on LingoStar’s various marketing and audiovisual projects, as well as translating for European agencies.

translation internship german

Lisa Menne, M.A.
Media Translator
English, French <> German

Lisa perfected her project management skills during her internship at LingoStar by running large multilingual projects and now translates for LingoStar and other agencies from English and French into German.

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Introducing LingoStar Ebooks

During the webinar, we’ll be talking about how you can learn to market yourself as a freelance translator once you have completed your studies and at a later stage. For this purpose, we have created a series of ebooks to help online freelance entrepreneurs build a successful multilingual website. As a translation student, you already have the language skills so why not start learning how to build your own website in the languages you speak and promote your blog or translation work?

Check out our Shop page at where you’ll find a series of ebooks to download.

For the participants of this webinar, we’ll offer a 50% student discount to download one of our ebooks. You’ll receive a discount coupon so look out for it towards the end of the webinar.

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