Language Teaching and the Importance of Translation – September Newsletter

Language Teaching and the Importance of Translation – September Newsletter

Language Teaching: Learn how translation is helping – September Newsletter

In September schools re-open in many countries after summer holidays. For teachers, this means thinking of new approaches and methods to make their teaching style more appealing. One of the subjects that requires a lot of thinking about is foreign language teaching and the role of translation.

Have you ever wondered how teachers choose an approach to teach a foreign language? As you will read in our blog post, a lot of different approaches and methods have been used over the years. However, it is important to highlight that there is no right or wrong method to teach a language because every student is unique in his or her own learning style. Therefore, we can use different approaches.

An important discussion about this teaching process is whether it is necessary to use translation. The grammar-translation method considered translation a useful tool to use. However, teachers haven’t always seen the use of L1 (native language) in foreign-language classes in a good light. Nevertheless, L1 usefulness has been revalued and today translation is a really valuable tool used when teaching a foreign language.

In our September newsletter, you will find out more about this topic. Furthermore, at LingoStar we celebrate countries and their cultures each month. This time, we virtually travelled to Portugal, Greece, and Guyana. Read on to know more!



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October 1, 2021