Language and Personality – February Newsletter

Language and Personality – February Newsletter

Have you ever wondered why your behaviour changes when you speak different languages? If you’re bilingual or polyglot, you probably already know.  You are not the same person when you’re speaking your native language versus your acquired language(s). This is because language and personality are interconnected.

At LingoStar, our passion extends to all things language, which is why we are taking you on this exploratory journey with us.

Find out how interconnected languages are to your personality in our blog post Personality and Language: What Links Them?

Read the testimonials of people who have experienced different behaviour patterns when they switch languages.

And of course, don’t forget to tag along with our very own curious curator as we curry our way to India for this month’s cultural curiosity. 🍛

All this and more in our February newsletter! Keep scrolling!



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February 11, 2023