Global Websites and SEO for Everyone

Global Websites and SEO for Everyone

Global Websites for International Audiences

If you have a website, it surely is one of your priorities to make it to the top of the search engines. To achieve this, having an excellent SEO strategy is essential. How about expanding your website to international audiences? Do you have to adopt a similar strategy or does it have to be different? Have a look at this article to create global websites!

The Importance of Search Engines

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a straightforward concept consisting in making sure a website is coming up on top of search engines for terms and sentences relevant to the website’s content. In other words, SEO allows the users to find the best websites on the web depending on their keywords in the said search engine. If you have a good SEO strategy, you are most likely to have a successful website! But what if you wish to expand your website for foreign language markets?

Your Target Search Engine in a Foreign Country

First, you have to ask yourself, can your website be in the target country’s language? You also must not forget to consider the culture of that country, their consumers and most importantly what search engines they use. Yes, Google is not the only search engine. Let’s take China for instance. The major search engine in China is Baidu. In Japan, it is yahoo. Another example, in Russia isn’t the main research engine. It is Yandex, for the reason that the latter is built around the Cyrillic Alphabet. So of course, if you have, let’s say, a Chinese website, it would be logical to concentrate your SEO power on Baidu, on Yahoo if you have a Japanese website and so on.

But the thing to know is that all search engines mostly work the same way with only a few differences between them. So instead of implementing your keywords to the foreign country’s search engine, it would be more profitable to utilize the data analysis tools of the search engine you’re attempting to compete with. (

Global Websites SEO Strategy

Also, some creative organizations really devote themselves to developing and supporting localized websites to reach out to their global customer. How could you find a way to make your website more relevant, popular and highly ranking for international markets? To achieve this, you just need to create a multilingual SEO strategy that will optimize your website content just for the market you are targeting.

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