LingoStar Localization Services


If you are looking to expand your business internationally, many cultural and technical issues need to be considered for translation of your content. LingoStar offers localization services for multilingual websites, software applications, videos, technical documents, and marketing material. Not only will professional, native-speaking translators translate your content, but they will also localize the text to appeal to the specific target market. This can involve a series of additional reviews by multimedia experts and/or linguists who are native to the culture you are targeting. They will make the necessary changes to your material to ensure that you effectively reach your target audience. These services include adaptation and implementation of the suggestions upon your final approval. We offer website localizations in Canada (Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa) and in the USA (Seattle, New York, LA, and Washington).

Branding Review

The aim of the branding review is to ensure that the name of your company, products and services be properly understood by the target audience. We will check first if names should be left in English or translated, and whether or not they can be associated with anything negative in the target culture. Depending on the language, they may be translated (source name meaning = same meaning in target language), transliterated (name in target language doesn’t exist so the source name is phonetically spelled out in the target) or transcreated (a new name is created in the target language to replace the source because no direct translation exists). We will also look at the brand as a whole and see if a similar brand has already been marketed by another company in the target country. We will review the logo and/or general aesthetics of the graphic design for any negative associations in the target culture.

Website Translation

This is our standard translation service specialized for websites. We will send you a creative brief that asks you specific questions about your marketing goals and target language and culture to ensure that we make appropriate choices in style and terminology.

Scientific Review

The aim of this review is to check the accuracy of scientific and technical terminology in your translation. We will enlist experts in the particular scientific field your document is categorized in who are native speakers of the target language to make sure that the translation reads at the appropriate level to reach the intended audience. Translators cannot be experts in all fields so this additional review ensures that the terminology and style is specialized to the standards set by the specific scientific community that is being targeted.


This service includes the synchronization of subtitles in the target language to your video by multimedia experts, with specific attention to accuracy and proper time coding. This can be combined with our standard translation services.

Localization Review

The aim of the localization review is to ensure that the content of your marketing, software or audio/video material addresses the appropriate target audience and does not contain any material that can be interpreted in a negative way. We will look at everything from the terminology and style to the tone and dialect required for your cultural and social demographic. For scripts, we will review the characters and dialogue, and for videos or visual materials, the graphic design elements such as colours, fonts, layout, text formatting, photos, images, logos and general aesthetics. For software related material such as applications and video games, we will make sure the translations are localized to your specific target culture and age demographic.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Review

The aim of this review is to make sure your translated website is SEO optimized in the target language. We will research and insert keywords in your web content in order to improve your Google page ranking. We will also review the back pages of your website to make sure all titles and URLs are using the appropriate keywords. We will ensure that translated text is not read as duplicate content and considered spam by Google, which lowers your ranking. These steps are necessary to ensure that your website is found by your target audience when they type in the target keywords into search engines.

Website Review

The aim of this review is to provide you with insight into how your website will be perceived by users in your target market countries. We will make recommendations on any culturally sensitive information and/or graphic or formatting issues. We suggest performing this review once you have at least a test website ready in order for you to make timely adjustments. A second review will be done after adaptation and implementation of our suggestions. During the reviews we will look at the following: a functional and comprehensible navigation system, colours, menus, page layout, font, paragraph formatting, images, icons, audio & video content, branding, company name, logo, photos and overall aesthetics.


Website Engineering

This is an additional service to Website Translation or Website Review where we have web engineers test and launch your website in the target market.