Motivational Quote by Zig Ziglar

Motivational Quote by Zig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar’s Motivational Quote Translation into French, Japanese, Italian, Russian, Czech, Ukrainian, Slovak

Nobody tells you that having fun and relaxing in front of the TV is bad as all of us need some time to forget about all the stressful things in our life. Then, we just watch a new episode of the favourite show, go out with friends or simply spend an evening with family. However, one can appreciate these moments only when one works hard to achieve one’s goal. Otherwise, it is very hard to become successful. Therefore, if something goes wrong, stop complaining and start changing your life. It is impossible to become great if you don’t start moving towards your dream! In conclusion: Dream, learn, become a better person – and this life will help you succeed!

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Zig Ziglar’s Quote in English:

You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

Motivational Quote Translation into French:

Vous n’avez pas à être grand pour commencer, mais vous devez commencer pour être grand. – Zig Ziglar

Translation into Japanese:

何かを始めるのに最初からうまくできる必要はないが、卓越できるようまずは始めなければならない。- ジグ・ジグラー

Motivational Quote Translation into Italian:

Non devi essere eccellente per cominciare, ma devi cominciare per diventare eccellente. – Zig Ziglar

 Translation into Russian:

Не нужно быть великим, чтобы начать, но нужно начать, чтобы быть великим. – Зиг Зиглар

Motivational Quote Translation into Czech:

Nemusíte být úžasní v začátku, ale musíte začít pracovat na tom, jak se úžasnými stát.  -Zig Ziglar

Translation into Ukrainian:

Не треба бути великим, щоб почати, але треба почати, щоб бути великим. – Зіг Зіглар

Motivational Quote Translation into Slovak:

Na to, aby ste začali, nepotrebujete byť úspešní, ale aby ste boli úspešní, potrebujete začať. -Zig Ziglar