Holiday Traditions in Canada

People all over the world are excited about the holidays: Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year’s! The traditions are different in every country and sometimes even in different parts of the same country. In such a big country like Canada, we find different traditions.

Most people in Canada buy their own Christmas tree: a real pine and fir tree that they decorate with lights and colorful ornaments in their home. Families and friends gather together on Christmas Eve for festive meals and drinks which include roasted turkey, ham, potatoes and vegetables. Many Canadian families open their presents on the evening on the 24th, but some just open their stockings or pick one present in their pile to open and leave the rest for the following day. On the 25th, another meal is served late in the afternoon, and the day is spent watching movies, playing cards or sports like road hockey.
In Quebec, French traditions are incorporated during the holidays but similar customs to the rest of the country include gift giving, decorating and feasting. Because it’s the holidays, you can take the time to go skiing, or simply party with your family and friends!

For New Year’s Eve, people in Canada celebrate on the evening of December 31st. When midnight strikes, couples kiss and everyone makes a New Year’s resolution, a promise of what they will accomplish in the coming year. Then, bottles of champagne are popped and people sing Auld Lang Syne and party into the wee hours.
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Happy holidays to all!