Although this is an appealing alternative to paying for a service to have access to stock photography websites, it is a bad idea that could lead to complications and have negative implications. Firstly, there are copyright laws for images on other websites. Not only is it stealing, but your company could receive a fine for using somebody else’s images. In addition, copying images from a website usually leads to poor quality images with low resolution. If you want your company to exude professionalism, then you must use images that are visually stimulating and nice to look at. Pixelated images can be very detrimental to your company’s overall image in the public eye. Finally, having a unique image can set your company apart from others. The last thing you want is a customer to do a google search by plugging in the URL of your image and finding out you stole it from another company.

Have images that are relevant to your product/service:

Although this is a given, there are many ways one can improve the focus or perspective of a picture to highlight what they want to advertise. First of all, zoom in on your product. If it is not somewhere where the eye is naturally drawn to (most attention grabbing portion of the picture) then you should be re-evaluating how you can re-take the photo so that it will centralize the attention of your audience on what you are trying to market. Also, light your product well. If you have an image on your website that is really dark with low contrast it is likely that your product will not be very visible on a printed copy as opposed to how it might look on your website. This is due to the fact that your computer screen is brightly back-lit, but print publications are not. Finally, we recommend that you use images from multiple angles or sides of your product if you can. This gives your customers more information about the product itself.

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