Website Translation VS Document translation

In the language and translation industry, you may have noticed that document translation and website translation are not classified as the same service. Indeed, website translation and document translation are not the same, and require different procedures and different skills. More often than not, website translation also comes with localization services. Read today’s article to know what differentiates website translation from document translation!

While printed documents given to the translators are usually final, a website is often updated, which means the website translators have to deal with changes, modifications and newly added content constantly. Also, as opposed to printed text, website translation features the use of HTML and technical codes that the translator must be able to deal with, as well as being able to make the differentiation between text that has to be translated, and text that can’t be modified.

A big difference between document and website translators is that website translators must have a good knowledge of computer science. And of course, website translation infers localization: adapting the layout of a text depending on the length of the words in a certain language, or simple but important details such as symbols, pictures or colours that might be offensive for people from different countries and cultures.

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