Website Translation for Global Markets

Website Translation.

How much international traffic does your website get? How much more might it receive once it’s translated into multiple languages by a world class translation service with linguists and professional translators at its disposal? The fact is in today’s global market, a multi-language website is increasingly valuable. Yet its import is such that it requires the dedication of professionals–humans and not simply software–to craft and perfect its message to appeal to local markets and effectively market to them.

There are many benefits to a well website translation. First, it has an authoritative advantage over competitors who may not rely upon a professional service. They may rely on crowd-sourced translation or only automation. This is risky, however, because incorrect and even improper translation could undermine a company’s authority by making them appear foolish or inept. Few would call the Coca-Cola brand and its marketers inept, of course, but even major companies like this have endured language faux-pas, accidental mistakes that actually made headlines. Not so long ago Coca-Cola spend considerable money to print signs that sounded like their brand in Chinese but the wording actually told onlookers to ‘bite the wax tadpole.’

So while accuracy is important in website translation, custom and phrasing is too. A professional translator with formal training also has cultural training. In this way they go far beyond what automation can do. Many have spent considerable time in the countries of which they have language expertise and so they have gained a sense of what the people are like and how they should ideally be marketed to. They bring this invaluable knowledge to their various projects so that their translation service is complemented by their cultural expertise. Consequently, your business or organization’s website is a comfortable fit for its translated languages.

Some companies may choose to hire their own translator, but there are some added benefits of working with a translating service. For one website translation typically requires ongoing maintenance. Each time you enter new content to the site, it will require professional translation. A translation service has teams of language professionals so that there is always a professional in the wings able to take on this work right away. Having teams comes in handy for proofing website content and even discussing nuances of language and custom. Also, the translation service can typically steer a translator to a project with industry experience. If your website is in the manufacturing sector or tourism industry, it makes sense to work with a translator who has some experience translating for these various fields.

LingoStar has this capability, of course, with our network of professional translators and cultural experts. We understand how important language is to our clients and we work to achieve the most sophisticated translations that effectively market to audiences around the globe. We take pride upon learning how a website’s traffic increases once we provide those new language platforms. Contact Us  or request a free Quote to see how we can enhance your website with language translation too.