The Web as a Text-Based Medium

linguists optimize websites, text-based mediumWhat Does It Mean to Be a Text-Based Medium?

Written text is a very important means of communication on the Internet. Websites without written words are very rare, even impossible (if you consider the URL as being part of the website) to come across.

The Internet has been at the origin of a revival of written forms of communication. Text is to be found everywhere on a web page: in the core of it (the message), in navigation tools (menus, links, banners, etc.) and even hidden in the programming code, which generally does not appear on the screen.

E-mail has become the primary medium for communication in business (even if phone calls are still favored in some circumstances). Users find e-mailing functional because it is easy and quick, and because it does not require an immediate response from the recipient. Also, it has far more potential than telephone communication (attached files, links, multiple recipients, etc).

Due to the Internet, words have acquired a great commercial importance. For example, they are used as keywords that help to reference a web page. These keywords will then be chosen by the user when he uses a search engine. They are also used as tags to classify articles within a blog. Another important use is on online shopping sites, especially when it comes to defining categories in a directory or tagging a product. Even if most users access websites through bookmarks or search engines, the choice of a URL remains a crucial investment for a commercial website. These are a few reasons why major websites often hire linguists to optimize their presence on the Web.

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