The Web as a Text-Based Medium. Part 2

How Does a Text-Based Medium Work?

The link between texts on the Internet is far more obvious than it is for printed text, especially considering that direct links are often embedded right into the text. As users of the Internet, we are conscious that the amount of text we could find on any one subject is virtually unlimited. This abundance and the fact that they appear and are replaced so fast, added to the anonymity of the Internet (we rarely know who the author is) make the information contained in the texts appear less trustworthy than if they were found in print. Therefore, building credibility on the Internet is a major concern for Web content writers.

Also, a webpage is read in a different manner than a sheet of paper. The user does not always read the content, but often just scans it. It has been shown that very little of the text on a web page is actually read and that the eyes often follow the same F-shaped directional pattern. Therefore, it is important to locate keywords strategically on the page. To attract and keep the user’s attentioglobalizing business, text-based medium, locate keywords strategicallyn as long as possible, it is also efficient to emphasize keywords, to use lists and paragraphs, to write short texts and to stick to a simplified, factual style.

In the last couple of decades we have seen the emergence of new forms of art (especially literature) using features of the Web. While it is obvious that taking advantage of the web by incorporating it into your business model is almost a necessity in this day and age to prosper, if you are planning on globalizing your business, we highly suggest you seek professional help from an agency with years of experience in the field that has proven time and time again that their approach to translation and localization to help businesses thrive on an international scale is optimal.

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