The variety of translation

Do you want to be a translator? If you are interested in language, you might have thought about it. Being a translator is an ideal job for those who have a love for language. But of course, a high level of expertise is needed to do this job, so intensive training is needed to work as a professional translator. There are a lot of fields stemming from a job as a translator, and the requirements of translation are different depending on what kind of translation is needed. Here are some examples of different translation fields:

 Business Translation

Contract, financial statement, manual, catalogue, pamphlet, advertisement, business letter etc.

Accuracy is the most important requirement in this field. As well as fundamental knowledge of the business field. Translators should also know details pertaining to specific differing fields such as finance, marketing and their corresponding terminologies necessary to improve a quality of translation. Mistranslation in this field may cause serious issues and negative ramifications for a company. That is why accuracy is essential in this field.

Literary translation

Plays, novels, short stories, poems etc.

As well as simple translation, translators of literary translation should include feelings, nuances, humor etc. in a text. Also, wide ranges of knowledge are required in regards to slang, jokes, fad words, history, custom, culture etc. That is why it is considered as one of the most difficult forms of translation. Compared to another field of translation such as business translation, only a small number of people can work as a literary translator because of its difficulty.

Visual media Translation

Subtitle, dubbing, voiceover etc.

This type of translation also needs special skills due to its demand for specialization. For example, subtitles should be made in short characters as to not disturb the movie itself. Also simple expression is better to utilize in order to enhance the understanding of movie. Also, the timing or rhythm of the subtitles is important, and awareness of an actor/actress’ movement of their mouth and their expression is vital. Thus, as well as translation, there are several factors that visual media translators should be aware of.


The single word “translation” includes a lot of forms. As you see, different skills are needed in each type of translation, and all of them require someone with the appropriate level of expertise. That is why translators are regarded as professionals, and every bilingual person in the world could not be a translator easily. Here at LingoStar, we can provide any kinds of translation services with our professional translators. Other language services are also available. Call us today or send us an email for a free quote!