Vancouver Inhabitants And Their Everyday Habits

Vancouver Inhabitants And Their Everyday Habits

Exploring the Culture Of Vancouver

As a translation agency, we are always keen on exploring new cultures, traditions, languages, and the differences and similarities between them. Today, however, we would like to take a look inwards, to our own Canadian – and more specifically Vancouverite – background. We will focus on the habits of Vancouver inhabitants.

15 fun facts about Vancouver and its inhabitants

  1. A nice day is a day without rain no matter how cloudy it is.
  2. You know the difference between West Van, the West End, and the Westside.
  3. You know that there’s a Third Beach and Second Beach but no first beach (it’s English Bay).
  4. Going for a hike in the mountains and to the beach on the same day seems perfectly doable to you.
  5. Yoga pants are a way of life.
  6. Rent and housing prices don’t seem that bad.
  7. You can tell when the Canucks are playing by the number of people wearing hockey jerseys on the bus.
  8. You consider anything below 5 degrees to be freezing and above 20 to be insanely hot.
  9. The city receives a mere sprinkling of snow and you call it a snow day.
  10. You know what 4/20 means and why on that occasion you don’t go to the Art Gallery to admire the paintings.
  11. You know what UBC, SFU, ICBC, PNE, and VPL mean.
  12. You’re tired of eating so much sushi.
  13. You know that Vancouver Island is not in Vancouver.
  14. You know the proper pronunciation of the Vietnamese soup Pho.
  15. Even on the sunniest days, you have an umbrella with you because… you never know.

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