Valentine’s Day Traditions Around the World. How people celebrate it?

Valentine’s Day Traditions Around the World. How people celebrate it?

How many Valentine’s Traditions do you know?

Valentine’s Day, on February 14th, is the second-largest card-giving day of the year, just after Christmas! On that note, if you forgot to read about Christmas traditions, take a look here! As for Valentine’s, people celebrate it in many different ways around the world.
How people celebrate lovers’ day? Let’s check it out!

The History of Valentine’s Day

Around the world, this day is celebrated in the name of Saint Valentine. But who was he? Saint Valentine lived during the 3rd century in Rome, under emperor Claudius II. Claudius thought that single men were better soldiers than married ones so he outlawed marriage for young soldiers.

Valentine thought it was an injustice and started to perform secret wedding ceremonies for people upon request. When the emperor found out, he ordered his murder. Gradually, word spread about Valentine and couples all over the world started celebrating Valentine’s day as a day of love.

Valentine’s Day in Argentina

Argentinians don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day in February but during “the week of sweetness” in July. During this week, lovers exchange kisses and receive chocolates every day!

We at LingoStar believe that exceptions and differences make the world an extraordinary place to live in! Don’t you?

Lovers’ Day in France

France is considered the country where Valentine’s Day originated, and the first Valentine’s Day card was sent. Moreover, on this day, people decorated yards, trees and homes with love cards, roses and proposals for marriage.

Unquestionably, this is probably the most romantic tradition in the world!

Lovers’ Day in South Korea

In South Korea, people celebrate the day of love on the 14th of each month! Does this sound like too much to you? Well, it’s not for the Koreans! In fact, they celebrate “the day of roses” in May, “the day of kisses” in June, and “the day of hugs” in December.

(Maybe France is not the most romantic country, after all… ?)

Valentine’s Day in Denmark

In Denmark, this day is not only for lovers and limited to roses and chocolates. Particularly, also friends exchange handmade cards. They are made with pressed white flowers that are called snowdrops. Here love is really for everyone!

Valentine’s Day in Estonia

On Feb 14, Estonians celebrate Friendship Day, also known as Sobrapaev. It consists of an amazing festival that includes not only couples but singles, families and friends who want to celebrate love!

Valentine’s Day in Japan

Nevertheless, here the tradition is quite different: women always buy gifts and chocolates for their companions or lovers. Their partners can’t return any gifts until March 14th. They called this event “white day”.


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