Translation industry

1 – Cloud translation

Cloud translation is the process of translating a document across the internet by using a portal that allows you to upload and manage files from just one location. You no longer need to use emails in order to send files, receive a quote, approve it and finally receive the translation. Thanks to this tool, you can now log on from any device to order a new translation job, approve a quote, check the progress of a project and download your translation. It will be really helpful for the translation industry

2 – Social media translation

Social media is a good way for the translation industry to target a multi-national audience; however you have to take into account the differences between cultures in order for your campaign to be effective. Translating your content is just the first step. It is also useful to create a page / an account per country to communicate with customers on a local scale according to their interests, their cultures, the events they are going to, etc.

3 –Mobile apps translation

Another way to target a multi-national audience for the translation, is to localize your mobile apps for different languages and different platforms. This way, you will be able to keep in touch with people from all over the world using different kinds of devices.

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