Advertisement: 14 Creative Ads You Should Know

Advertisement: 14 Creative Ads You Should Know

Advertisement Is Hidden Everywhere

How do you choose the products when you go shopping? You might think you choose products on your own but you are suggested products subconsciously through advertisement. We just stare at the TV but actually we are being exposed to ads. So when we go shopping, we buy the products that remain in our memory. Today we have prepared the top 14 creative ads you should know. Therefore, let’s see how companies captivate customers’ hearts! It’ll be fun! Trust me.

Reality Sucks

This is multiplex advertising in Belgium. You probably recognize the first and second photos as famous movie scenes from ‘Titanic’ and ‘Free Willy’. This advertising doesn’t follow traditional methods. Usually, theater advertising tries to express something positive, such as couples or families having a good time at the movies. However, in this case, they are saying, ‘reality sucks’. Weird, right? They should be saying, ‘reality is good’. Here’s what they want to say: ‘reality is not romantic like you think, so just go to the theater’. They get their point across with just two simple words. Really brilliant advertising.

“That’s what I want to say! Bring me my cheezy!”

Miracle Whip’s advertisement

Miracle Whip is a dressing manufactured by Kraft Foods and sold throughout the United States and Canada. This ad is selling a low-fat dressing. Look at the print. In the ad, fries lie on a plate like a seesaw. If something heavy is on one side of the seesaw, that side goes down. But in this ad, the side with the dressing isn’t going down. Because it’s so light! They expressed this idea in a very creative way that works well.

FedEx’s advertisement

FedEx is a well-known courier services company. The ad doesn’t have any text but we get the point easily. Looks like they’re carefully passing an envelope from upstairs to downstairs, but the wall shows a map of North America. It’s fast, and hand to hand, it’s safe. I think this advertising is a good example of ‘simple is best’.

Waiting for a package to arrive that is taking forever…

Scotch Tape’s advertisement

This is a very popular tape company’s ad. It doesn’t need much explanation. Using tape is better than driving a nail into the wall. However, if a nail company or hammer company sees this advertising, they will not be happy!

Lego’s advertisement

An eternal favorite with kids, this is a Lego‘s ad. Adults might just see blocks but kids see so much more. I agree with this advertising. They know exactly who their customers are. These days, people say age doesn’t matter. I think people who play with this toy want to return to the innocence of their childhood.

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