Superstitions in India: the fear of the unknown

Superstitions in India: the fear of the unknown

What is a Superstition?

A superstition is a belief that is considered supernatural or irrational. Over the years there have been many superstitions that have developed and some are still present. In every country there are superstitions but they may come in different forms. For example, they can be related to a number, day, colour, animal, etc.

Superstitions in India:

In India there are a lot of superstitions which are believed as supernatural. So here are some of the most interesting ones:

  • Shaking of legs: If a person’s legs shake continuously, they will be left with less wealth.
  • Washing hair on Thursday: Thursday is considered a bad day for washing your hair. The reason again is fear of losing wealth.
  • If you see a garbage truck: If you see a truck full of garbage before leaving your home, it means that your day will pass very well. However, if you see a garbage truck that is empty before leaving your home, it is considered bad and unlucky.

More superstitions in India:

  • Colour (White and Black): The colours white and black are not considered lucky for a new bride. She cannot wear these colours for a few months because it is considered a threat on their new relationship. Whereas, in developed countries, it is tradition for the bride to dress in a white gown for the wedding.
  • Sneeze: If you are about to leave from your home for work, and someone sneezes, it is thought to be fear of the unknown. Something will go wrong on the way or the task will not be completed.
  • Perfumes and colognes (fancy and strong odor): You can use as much perfume or cologne as you want when you are going out, but not in the afternoon. If so, it is thought that supernatural things (ghosts) will possess you.
  • Cutting of nails in the night: Usually at night my mother tells me not to cut my nails. When I ask her why she says that there will be laziness spread out in the home.
  • Black cat: If you are going somewhere and a black cat crosses your way it means an evil spirit crossed your way. A person should stop there for a few minutes before carrying on with their journey.

These are few examples of superstitions that are popular throughout India, some of them might be known and believed in other parts of the world as well. In the past people relied more on fortune and luck. However, today people are more factual and practical; that is, they what to know the reason behind everything.

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