Is Your Online Video Translation SEO-Friendly?

Everyone is concerned about search engine optimization today. Whether based on Main Street or in foreign capitals near and far, businesses and organizations value their page ranking immensely. Every company would prefer to be found on page one of a Google search and not buried ten pages deep where few searchers take the time to reach. Therefore, companies that want to maintain their ranking or climb to that number one spot must regard SEO seriously. While the placement of video content on a website is a great way to diversify content, and most likely the best way of interacting with your potential audience, that video might not be working as hard as it can if its translation isn’t prepared with SEO in mind.

Just like text-based content, your online video translation can benefit from SEO where it can better support the website ranking. Many companies wish to have their video content translated for use in international marketplaces. The most professionally wrought translations, of course, can be obtained by working with professional translation solutions providers. Not only can you expect accurate translations, you’ll benefit from their SEO know-how. The fact is if you are going to have your video content translated, you may as well make sure the translation is SEO -friendly in order to better enhance your online presence.

Whether it is voice-over translation or use of multilingual subtitles, your online video translation will support your website when that translation is made with SEO in mind. Because search engines like Google will index the video translation, this translated text can influence page rank. With more traffic to your website from local and international traffic, the site can gain more credibility and, of course, greater popularity. SEO-friendly online video translation gives a website more ‘authority.’ That is, as Google recognizes that this content is viable in different languages, it may push it up in the page rankings having deemed it viable for multiple language platforms. In other words, the SEO-friendly translation carries some weight with Google.

Of course, the translation of your video content with an eye toward SEO is also going to resonate with watchers who happen to speak the translated language. They will naturally tune into the video content longer and be better able to engage with it in more meaningful ways than if the video content was not translated. This can also benefit the website; it will appear more viable in multiple world regions which can support its authoritative reputation with the search engines. Perhaps the most important reason it’s essential to include SEO-friendly online video translation is because there is not likely to be much competition for your multi-language video. If there is little competition, the video is likely to be found early in the search rankings.

The best way to achieve an SEO-friendly online video translation is to consult with an industry leader like LingoStar who is adept at delivering a multitude of translating services with SEO in mind. The online platform is a cornerstone of our services and we enjoy working with businesses worldwide to achieve the SEO-friendly translations businesses need to climb the page rankings and increase traffic to their websites.

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