A short review of the History of Saint Patrick

A short review of the History of Saint Patrick

Who was Saint Patrick and what he did.

What is the day of Saint Patrick?

The day of Saint Patrick is a religious and cultural Irish celebration, held annually on March 17th. Saint Patrick is Ireland’s patron saint. On this day, people in Ireland, as well as around the globe, celebrate Saint Patrick’s traditional death date (AD 385–461). He was a Christian bishop, missionary and apostle in Ireland during the 5th century. Believe it or not, he was not Irish. He was probably born in Scotland, but nobody knows for sure.

Why was Saint Patrick famous?

Saint Patrick was kidnapped and enslaved by Irish marauders when he was 16. He worked as a herder for the next 6 years. This experience made him very religious. But, one night he had a revealing dream: a mysterious voice asked him to go back to Great Britain, and he did. Once there, he had another revealing dream. In this one, he received a letter titled “The Voice of the Irish”. As he read it, he seemed to hear Irish people claiming his return to their land. He studied to become a priest and then he was appointed as a bishop.

What did Saint Patrick do?

After becoming a bishop, Saint Patrick went back to Ireland to preach the gospel. He converted thousands of people and built churches. It also said that Saint Patrick baptized hundreds of people in just one day. The three-leaf clover became his symbol as he used one to describe the Holy Trinity. He died in poverty on March 17th, 1461 in a city called Saul. This is the city where he built the first church.

Why do we wear green on Saint Patrick’s Day?

People who believed in Saint Patrick thought that you would be invisible to leprechauns if you wore green. Leprechauns are fairy creatures who pinched anyone they could see, except those wearing green. After a while, people started pinching anyone who was not wearing green to remind them of leprechauns and of what Saint Patrick did. And so, the tradition of wearing green on this day began.

 How do people celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day?

People usually go to the church in the morning, as this is a religious holiday, and then out for drinks and a meal in the evening. You would think the first parade for this holiday took place in Ireland. It actually took place in the United States where Irish soldiers were serving in the English military. These soldiers walked around and celebrated in New York City, and that happened in 1762. In the following years, on March 17th, the Irish-American citizens took to the streets as a symbol of unity and strength among their people. It consequently became global and in 1995, thanks to the Irish government, an official holiday.

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