Public Speaking

Public Speaking

What is Public Speaking?

Public Speaking in Vancouver or in any part of the world is the way by which we connect with a live audience. We are living in a world where we need to prove ourselves by our actions. Some people are really extroverted and some are introverted. Also, some people have good communication skills while others are nervous when speaking in public. Communication is the very first impression a person makes on another person. At the same time, public speaking plays an important role in the professional or business environment. All successful job interviews are based on the communication skills and confidence of the interviewee.

Ways to Overcome a Fear of Public Speaking

  1. Know your topic and audience: Before going in for a presentation or speech, it is important for the individual to know well what they are speaking of and who they are speaking to. Knowing this will help the speaker to present with confidence.
  2. Good posture: To look confident, it is important to have good posture while speaking to a group of people. It shows that you have perfect knowledge of the topic and are comfortable with the audience.
  3. Relate with personal life: It is always beneficial when you relate the topic to your personal life. In that way, you can express your words or feelings in a convincing manner.
  4. Begin and end strong: Always make sure that your introduction and conclusion have a strong impact on the audience. As a result, the audience will understand the topic from the very beginning and leave with a good impression.
  5. Add visual aids: While doing public speaking, visual aids play an important role. They look professional and they help the audience visualize the topic. People often remember things if they see them in a visual presentation.
  6. Eye contact: The other way to overcome a fear of public speaking is to make eye contact with the audience. Once you make eye contact, it will be easier for you to deliver your thoughts to the audience.
  7. Feedback: At the end of your speech, always ask for questions from the audience or take feedback on the presentation. It will be helpful for you in the future.

Don’t worry! We are here to help you.

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