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LingoStar Translation Services Canada | USA provides professional translation from English to Portuguese and Portuguese to English and interpreting from English to Portuguese. Thanks to a well established network of top Portuguese translators and linguists we are serving all major cities in Canada – Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver and the USA – New York, Los Angeles, Seattle and more. We offer Portuguese document translation, English to Portuguese website translation and Portuguese interpreting services. Additionally we offer Portuguese editing by native translators and editors, typesetting by experienced Portuguese typesetters and video game localization and voiceovers by specialized Portuguese voiceover artists and translators. Our experienced native English to Portuguese translators and interpreters are meticulously selected to provide English to Portuguese services of the best possible quality for your particular needs!

Only native Portuguese translators know about the cultural background of the Portuguese language and can localize websites or documents for Brazil and Brazilian or Portugal, and European Portuguese speakers in the USA and Canada. We are able to work in two different Portuguese regional varieties – Brazilian and European Portuguese. Our team consists of experienced medical, technical and legal Portuguese translators. Our Portuguese translators will expertly handle your project in your specific industry. We have completed numerous Portuguese translations in these fields and more:

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• Engineering • Training
• Finance • Software and IT
• Forestry • Technology
• Marketing • Travel and Tourism


Furthermore, we also offer Portuguese certified and notarized translations for passports, driver’s licenses, divorce decrees, birth and marriage certificates, legal documents, transcripts, diplomas and other Portuguese certified document translations.

As Brazilian Portuguese is the most spoken language in South America next to Spanish and as European Portuguese is one of the official languages of the European Union,  you should definitely consider English to Portuguese and Portuguese to English document and website translation and software localization. Your Portuguese website will help you to reach your target Portuguese speaking community and expand your business to the global market!

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About Portuguese Language

Portuguese is a Romance language, with the Portuguese vocabulary having its roots in Latin. It is spoken worldwide by 250 million people mainly in Brazil, Portugal and other former Portuguese colonies. It is the official language of nine countries and also an official language of the European Union since 1986.

Two main Portuguese language groups are commonly recognized, Brazilian and European Portuguese. These languages differ from each other in spelling, use of verb tenses and terminology. Brazilian and European Portuguese speakers tend to have difficulty understanding each other.


Brazilian Portuguese

The most important diverging point in the Brazilian Portuguese language was the contact with Brazilian Indians. Portuguese was brought to Brazil from Portugal in the 16th century.  At that time, the native language Tupian was spoken by the Brazilian Indians and became the lingua franca between the Indians and the Portuguese missionaries, settlers and so on. It was continually used in the Amazon and western Brazil until 19th century.

During that time, Tupian was strongly influenced by Portuguese and accepted a number of words and expressions. Since then, more languages were introduced to Brazilian Portuguese such as Italian, German, Japanese and South American Spanish. Although the origin of the language is Portugal, the largest number of Portuguese speakers in the world is in Brazil.


European Portuguese

As Brazilian Portuguese has borrowed many words from South American Spanish, European Portuguese has borrowed many words from other Romance languages, especially European Spanish. European Portuguese can be divided into two main groups: Madeira and the Azores, and mainland Portugal. The Lisbon dialect, which is spoken in the capital, the largest city in Portugal, is the national standard dialect of European Portuguese.