Personal Growth : Keeping Your Head Above Water

Personal Growth : Keeping Your Head Above Water

How Personal Growth allows us to face life’s challenges

As people, personal growth is one vital parameter in our lives. Our learning and understanding of life does not end with graduation. It is only a start. It is pretty amazing to realize that there is so much knowledge and so many lessons to learn from life. At universities and colleges we learn the theory, we memorize books and scripts, we learn critical thinking. It is very valuable and it serves us. But at one point in our lives, there comes a moment when education seems moot, all the theory and endless seminars seem distant. Even the greatest professors of the greatest universities do not seem to teach us the lessons of life.

Why? Because personal growth takes a lifetime, we can grow if we feel grounded in deep waters just like the poles in this photograph, if we accept the ocean of emotions that is contained within us. Handling certain emotions can be overwhelming and we are not made of stone even though our hearts sometimes act so. We are trees of life that grow and flourish with every breath. We can blossom, we can expand, we can become more knowledgeable and aware. Being able to stand strong, just like the seemingly weary poles in the photo, is one of our characteristics. We can face life and its experiences as calmly as the old poles can handle the waves of blue waters.

The Importance of Personal Growth

The poles in this beautiful picture may seem rotten, tired and worn out. But there is wisdom in the poles of life. We all carry notches of sadness within ourselves, from relationships, friendships, family relations, child issues, work frustrations. These experiences make us stronger when we realize our life lessons. They make us powerful when we take the time to ask ourselves what these life situations mean to us, how we can learn from them.

It’s like wrinkles in our faces. Each pole has many wrinkles, colours of emotions and seemingly rotten emotional baggage. These poles are like us: full of rot, dampness, colours that have been painted upon us by life. Nevertheless, these poles represent our lives in its fullness and contrast: patches of fun or boredom, colour or dullness, feeling shameful or proud, being powerful or powerless at the same time.

We are like poles in turquoise blue waters: Worn out from daily stereotypes and responsibilities, yet standing strong and powerful to face another surge of wind, cloud and sun. We can withstand much more than any worn out pole, us, the powerful and strong beings able to face any storms.

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