Professional Linguists Behind the Scenes of the Film Industry

Professional Linguists Behind the Scenes of the Film Industry

What we’ve been up to!

It has been a long time since we updated you on our on-going projects! At LingoStar, we like to work on a wide diversity of topics and we learn from each of them. All of our professional linguists are fully-qualified and come from different backgrounds. Therefore, we will always have a team member able to meet your needs.

In this new blog post, we would like to especially highlight the role of languages in the film industry. We will also introduce you to some outstanding projects we recently completed.

What is the extent of the language professionals involvement ?

The film industry counts on a wide range of linguists. You might think first of dubbing and subtitling, which are obvious jobs for professional linguists in film. But there are some others you may not have thought about!

For example, production companies hire localization professionals for movies made in other countries, or which have plots that involve different cultures. Indeed, even if the director might know the target culture, it is likely that the actors, screenwriters, costume designers, etc., need to be trained on the particular culture in the film for accuracy reasons. Behind the scenes, language specialists can play a big role, too!

As professional linguists, we contribute!

Currently at LingoStar, we are working on an interesting project for a film series where we play both the role of a tutor and translator. The characters in the series often have to speak Latin, which is very interesting to us as Latin is often referred to as a dead language, but in this project, we are reviving it!

Our role is to work in close collaboration with Latin specialists, who record the lines to teach the actors the best way to pronounce them. They also translate the text for the subtitles so the audience can understand what is being said. We also work in this way with Arabic, French, Japanese, Russian and Spanish.

Other LingoStar diverse working areas

As mentioned, it is important to work on a wide diversity of projects to keep expanding our technical skills. See bellow some project we worked on.

Medicine – Research. We worked closely with a hospital in Ontario on a transcription and translation project. We received some interview recordings from patients expressing their opinion in the context of a study on diabetic retinopathy screening. Our role here was fundamental, as a mistranscription or mistranslation would affect the results of the study.

Education. Canada is a true melting pot, and so are its educational institutions. In this context, a multicultural and inclusive system is mandatory. We helped a university with a wide range of informational documents on government-funded research they are leading on student development. We worked on 11 languages in order to make the information more widely accessible to students and families. The more languages that are used to inform on the study, the more probability there is of people getting involved in it, which helps improve the accuracy of the results.

Corporate – Team Building. At LingoStar, we also offer interpreting services. Global companies deal with different languages and cultures on a day-to-day basis within their team, and often require interpreting services during their events. Among our projects, our interpreters attended one particular team-building event for a global natural healthcare products company. The atmosphere of a team-building event is fundamental, and therefore our role was to spread the message to the team in the same way the company did. Our interpreters used their acting skills to stick to the speaker’s cheerful tone and playful attitude.

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