Multilingual Websites Trend in 2017

Multilingual Websites Trend in 2017

Trends for multilingual websites in 2017 according to numerology (Claim your free gift for a Happy New Year)


6 things to concentrate on while doing business in foreign markets in 2017

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Dear friends,

So there you have it. The year 2016 has ended and 2017 has begun.

Thank you for following our blog, Facebook page, and newsletters in 2016. We believe that this year we will continue to learn something interesting about languages and translations.

According to numerology, with the year 2017 a new 9-year-long cycle begins, wherein we build something new, invent new things, develop new projects, set up new initiatives, and sow the seeds of adventure that we will nurture for the next 9 years.

What is your next business venture? Are you thinking of reaching out to global markets and expanding your business internationally?

In this post, we’d like to introduce you to trends in foreign language websites and how to market them effectively to foreign speaking audiences in 2017.

We have a small gift for you: a translation of Happy New Year wishes in 15 foreign languages.

Please download it at the end of the article!

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What are the trends for multilingual websites in 2017?

  1. If it is your intention to create an online business in another country, you will need a website in a foreign language. It is important to build a global website with a local focus. If you wish to succeed in a foreign market while doing business online, do your best to act locally, however, think globally. When writing texts and launching products via a foreign language website, write product descriptions that are geared to your foreign audiences. Use selling techniques that specifically target people in your chosen foreign market while keeping a global perspective in mind. In short, look at your online business from a global perspective while appearing local.
  2. Be aware of internet user behaviors. Internet users will be increasingly seeking a trusted and proven source of information so show them your local as well as your global expertise. Engagement in a foreign language will continue to be very important to your users so make a plan for the management of social networks in your target country and your selected foreign language. According to numerology, in 2017 people will seek strong business relationships, they will want to feel empathetic, and appreciate the individual creativity and success that comes along with leadership and innovation.
  3. Multilingual websites users will not only want to read your content and blog posts, they will want to watch videos in their native language. This might require even more creativity that could result in shooting more videos, transcribing the audio into written text, translating the content into foreign languages, and adding subtitles or a foreign language voiceover. Here you can find more detailed information on how to translate a video into a foreign language while using a voiceover recording.
  4. Promotional and marketing texts in a foreign language will require a high level of customization. Readers will want to read new and ground-breaking ideas that will be innovative. People will seek out information that is consistent with a higher collective consciousness and the potential within each of us. Individuality will be valued and an independent approach represented throughout multilingual content will attract new foreign readers, fans and customers.
  5. Nevertheless, it will not be sufficient to have an amazing site design. People will need to find your website to start with, and in their native language. It is essential for you to think about how you will engage with foreign language customers. Think about how you can effectively use appropriate keywords in translated texts or within foreign language content. The most used keywords in a foreign language that are well incorporated into your industry-specific content will attract the right leads!
  6. Finally, the trend of buying online from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets will continue to rise. So pay attention to how your multilingual websites are displayed on various hand-held devices. Also check connection speed from different devices in a foreign country in which you wish to succeed.

Online worldwide business in 2017

Let’s look back at the numerological forecast for the year 2017, which is represented by the number 1. The number 1 represents pioneering, courage, and leadership skills. Therefore, if you are really serious about global expansion through multilingual websites, 2017 is the perfect year!

2017 is the year of new beginnings, initiative and above all, ground-breaking! This year you have an amazing opportunity to sow the seeds of your dreams and planned projects.

Therefore, here at LingoStar, we wish you the concentration needed to achieve your global business goals this year. Keep focused and keep creating! In 9 years time you can take a look back at the beginning of the year 2017 and say that the 9-year-long cycle was really worth it!

If you ever need any help with language-related issues and services, such as website translation, document translation, blog posts translation or voiceover recordings, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to support your international expansion.

Wishing you great leadership skills and mountains of creative ideas in 2017!

The LingoStar Team

Here you can download a document including best wishes for a Happy New Year in 15 languages.


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