Multilingual Website Translation

Have you ever found a perfect website which contained the information or the product you have been looking for, but the website was in a language you can’t understand?  So unfortunate! But here is some good news: multilingual website translation if a service offered by more and more companies.

Multilingual Website Translation

Nowadays most marketers have chosen to adapt the print and broadcasting media to language of their target audiences. However, this does not always happen with websites. More than 70% of Internet users speak languages other than English. Also, online shoppers prefer buying from sites that are in their native language. Nonetheless, translation of websites is not a common practice yet.

Should translation of websites be a common practice?

The answer is yes. Multilingual website translation will give your business the opportunity to communicate to a brand new international audience in their native language. This will result in creating awareness of your brand, service, or product, and ultimately, to financial success for your company. This is one of the most effective ways of drawing new clients’ attention, marketing your business and giving it international status.

Website translation is not only important for the international market, but also the domestic one. Canada, for example, is a multicultural and multilingual country. According to the 2011 Census of Population, more than 200 languages were reported to be spoken as mother tongues by Canadian residents. Making your site multilingual demonstrates your companies’ respect and appreciation towards the entire population, regardless of language and cultural background. Furthermore, website translation removes boundaries and contributes to establishing a more inclusive business standard across the globe.

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