Mother’s Day in Vancouver

Mother’s Day in Vancouver

Mother’s Day in Vancouver

Dear readers,

This Sunday, May 8, 2016, sons and daughters all over the world will celebrate Mother’s Day. On this special day, they concentrate on the wellbeing of their mothers. (Actually, this should be done every day, not just once a year…) Anyway, if you are in need of some ideas on how to spend Mother’s Day in Vancouver, here are some suggestions for you!


Brunch is always a good idea. It’s about food and, let’s be honest, everyone loves food! You can either prepare something at home (your mother will be so proud– lots of kisses will follow), or treat your mother to brunch at a fancy restaurant. You can enjoy a nice breakfast at The Teahouse, (Stanley Park) on Mother’s Day in Vancouver and spend the rest of the day walking through the park.

Spa Day

A mother’s life can be very stressful. Mothers work, prepare meals for their loved ones, do the housework, and look after their children. And no matter how old their kids are, even if they don’t live at home anymore, mothers still worry about them. Mother’s Day is the best opportunity to give back to your mother for all her hard work! And a good way to do this would be to spend Mother’s Day in Vancouver relaxing at one of Vancouver’s best spas.

VanDusen Gardens

If your mom loves the outdoors, you should definitely go for a walk through the VanDusen Botanical Garden, where there will be live music, a photo booth, and pop-up café in celebration of Mother’s Day in Vancouver.   (The weather is supposed to be excellent this weekend, so grab the opportunity!)

Mother’s Day Run

If your mom is an enthusiastic runner, the Fairmont Mother’s Day Run would be definitely the best opportunity to spend the Mother’s Day in Vancouver! Registration is now open and, as mentioned above, the weather will be really good for a nice run with your mother and her loved ones.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter where you spend Mother’s Day in Vancouver. What really matters is that mothers get to spend the day with their loved ones.

Happy Mother’s Day!

By the way, what does “mother” in different languages mean? Here are some examples!

mère                     –              French

madre                   –              Spanish (Latin American)

okaasan               –              Japanese

Mutter                 –              German

mataji                   –              Punjabi

ammee                –               Urdu


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