Localizing Mobile Apps

“Mobile computers are spreading faster than any other consumer technology in history.”

With the fast development of mobile technology and especially smartphones during the last few years, mobile applications have boomed in a way that most mobile users are regular users of mobile applications. This is why app developers are very interested in localizing and translating their applications. It is certain that doing so will reach markets in other languages and countries and augment the number of people who know about and download their apps. To achieve this, it is best to make sure the user experience is up to the standard, in other words, go for a user-friendly localization technique.

A mobile user is much more likely to download and use applications that are in his/her own native language, which is why localizing an application starts with translation. It is essential to find a good translator to do the job, as a bad translation is worse than no translation at all: poorly translated content will put off your clients and make them think the app is not worth downloading.

Localizing mobile apps does not only consist of translating the information. There are other factors to take into account, for instance, the layout design. Some languages have words that are longer and take up more space than others, like German for example. Also, app developers should look out for languages with different character types such as Chinese or Korean. Localizing your app will make sure your layout design is appropriate for the type of language used while remaining stylish and retaining the original aesthetic.

In addition, localizing your app name or title might attract the clients whose language you are targeting. Even though some developers tend to keep the original name for branding, localizing it can allow your user to understand the app better, plus your brand name might actually be offensive to the target culture! Finally, it would be wise to check if the images (if you have any), symbols and colors you are using in your app are appealing to other cultures.

Localizing your app is a good investment that will help your product gain popularity in the international market. Here at Lingostar we provide excellent quality language services such as document translation, typesetting, voice-over, website translation, and professional language localization services, including branding and SEO reviews of your marketing or software content.

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