10 Amazing Latin American Movies

10 Amazing Latin American Movies

Latin American Films

A movie portrays how someone perceives the world, and in turn, educates us about the culture of the place where it was made. Lately, we have been hearing a lot about Latin American cinematography and the Latin American way of doing cinema. Full of political and religious content combined with a colloquial approach, Latin American movies typically focus on the strong religious ties of their people or criticism towards politics and politicians. However, these are not the only topics that may be addressed.

In just one Latin American movie, you can find comedy, horror, drama, mystery, and so on. Clearly, the way they tell their stories is unique; they know how to make you laugh, how to be serious, how to give you the creeps, and certainly how to make you cry. In this top ten you will find Latin American movies worth watching that represent their respective countries in their own unique way. Let’s take a tour!

1. Frida (2002, Mexico):

Frida, Latin American MovieThis movie tells the story of Frida Kahlo, a Mexican artist whose life was full of tragedy and beauty. Due to the use of colour and music as cinematographic elements it introduces you to Mexican society, culture, traditions, and values. Frida will take you to Mexico while entertaining you with a really great plot.


2. Maria Full of Grace / María, llena eres de gracia (2004, Colombia):

Maria Full of Grace, Latin American MovieThe tragic journey of a young woman with money problems. She takes the first opportunity to earn and ends up involved in the Colombian drug traffic industry, gaining many more problems than when she began. Do you want to see how she solves them?


3. Elite Squad / Elite da Tropa (2007, Brazil):

Elite Squad, Latin American Movie

A dramatic action movie where you can see how battles are fought in Latin America. This fictional movie is about a special military group of the Rio de Janeiro military police and the troubles they encounter during their biggest mission: fighting both sides of Brazilian law.



4. The Secret in Their Eyes / El secreto de sus ojos (2009, Argentina):

The Secret in Their Eyes, Latin American Movie

This is the story of an unsolved crime and a man with the desire of solving it. Follow his journey to discover the truth. Certainly, This movie will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

5. The Golden Dream / La Jaula de Oro (2013, Mexico):

The Golden Dream, Latin American MovieThe American Dream, how to reach it? How to make it true? It might be golden but the path is certainly not. Three Mexican boys try to make their dream of living a better life come true. It is not about the land in which you were born, it is about the opportunities your heart is looking for.

6. The House at the End of Time / La casa del fin de los tiempos (2013, Venezuela):

The House at the End of Time, Latin American MovieThis Venezuelan thriller demonstrates that Latin Americans know how to scare you and use sci-fi to create a world where you are never going to feel safe. This movie might be a thriller but you will also find love, adventure, and drama. Follow this family’s story to learn their secret way to the end of time.

7. The Pearl Button/ El botón de nácar (2015, Chile):

The Pearl Button, Latin American MovieA documentary that addresses the story of the world and the role of water from the point of view of a Chilean tribe, the Kawésqar, and their counterpart, a Chilean man. This movie shows the importance of non-fictional stories and the search for knowledge. It tells a real story using Chilean cultural and historical aspects to clarify the mystery of life’s mechanics.


8. The Liberator / Libertador (2014, Venezuela):

The Liberator, Latin American MovieThe story of the Latin American liberator hero Simón Bolivar and his journey through a life full of battles. Starring Edgar Ramirez, one of the most famous Venezuelan actors, who tells us the story of his country and so many other Latin American countries in their battle to conquer freedom.

9. The clan / El clan (2015, Argentina):

The clan, Latin American Movie

A story full of drama and mystery but based on the true story of a family. Every family has their stories but this one will give you the creeps. With this movie you will learn that in Latin America you can try to make your dreams come true on your own but family will always be a part of your life, always.

10. Neruda (2016, Chile):

Get to know the famous Chilean writer Pablo Neruda’s story. His political role in the Chilean society, the political chase he had to bear, and the fights that inspired him to be the artist he was. Along the movie, Neruda will take you to Chile to get you to know much more than just his story as a writer, the Chilean cultural background and the land of the greatest poet of the 20th century.


Each movie in this list presents a story with an interesting plot. But it is not only that which makes them stand out. Also each story unfurls using the cultural background, varieties in language, and unique way of each Latin American country it represents, showing how Latin Americans perceive the world! Enjoy these beautiful scenarios and prepare yourself to get to know Latin America in its splendor.

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