Japanese – 日本語/にほんご/ニホンゴ/Nihongo

English Japanese Translation Services

LingoStar Translation Services Canada | USA provides professional translation and interpretation from English to Japanese and Japanese to English. Thanks to a well established network of top Japanese translators and linguists we are serving all major cities in Canada – Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver and the USA – New York, Los Angeles, Seattle and more. We offer Japanese document translation, English to Japanese website localization and Japanese interpreting services. Additionally we offer translation of business cards and emails into and from Japanese, editing by native translators and editors, typesetting by experienced Japanese typesetters and video game localization and voiceovers by specialized Japanese voiceover artists and translators. Our experienced native English to Japanese translators and interpreters are meticulously selected to provide English to Japanese services of the best possible quality for your particular needs!

Only native Japanese translators know about the cultural background of the Japanese language and can localize websites or documents for different Japanese speaking countries, e.g. Japan, Hawaii, Brazil, and Japanese speakers in Canada and the USA. Our team consists of experienced medical, technical and legal Japanese translators. Our Japanese translators will expertly handle your project in your specific industry. We have completed numerous Japanese translations in these fields and more:

• Advertising • Mining
• Business and Employment….. • Packaging and Labels
• Engineering • Training
• Finance • Software and IT
• Forestry • Technology
• Marketing • Travel and Tourism


Furthermore, we also offer Japanese certified and notarized translations for passports, driver’s licenses, divorce decrees, birth and marriage certificates, legal documents, transcripts, diplomas and other Japanese certified document translations.

As Japanese is an important business language and important business projects are taking place between Japan and Canada and the USA, you should definitely consider English to Japanese and Japanese to English document and website translation and software localization. Your Japanese website or app translation will help you to reach your target Japanese speaking group and expand your business to the global market!

If you are looking for professional English to Japanese or Japanese to English translation, don’t hesitate to contact LingoStar today!


About Japanese Language

Japanese is spoken by 130 million people in Japan. It is from the Japonic language family and not directly related to any other language.

Modern Japanese is written with a combination of four alphabets which are Hiragana(ひらがな), Katakana(カタカナ) and Kanji(漢字), and the Latin alphabet (Romaji). Every word has to use the correct alphabet therefore it is very difficult to write or read Japanese.

The traditional writing style is vertical, with the lines starting from the right side of the page, however since World War II; a more modern, horizontal style has been adopted.

Also, the Japanese language includes various levels of respectful, humble, and polite speech. Each level of speech is different in its vocabulary and verb endings. For example, there are more than five different words for “I”, depending on the context, people, situation and more.

There are a large number of dialects but most people understand the standard dialect which is spoken in Tokyo, the Capital of Japan.