Important: Points Customers Should Keep in Mind When Asking for a Translation Quote

What you should know about a Translation Quote

On a daily basis we receive a multitude of translation quote requests for various services. These can range from the translation of transcripts, offitranslation quote, translation services, professional translatorsce presentations, birth certificates, technical instruction manuals, among countless others. It is important that the client takes a few things into consideration upon asking for a quote.

Translation Quote: What to keep in mind

– If cost is an overwhelming issue, the 3 step translation process can be altered accordingly; translation, editing and proofreading is our process, however, proofreading and editing can be skipped to be able to lower the cost.  This is a viable alternative when you do not need a translation for business purposes, but rather just to understand the text.

– When quality is a priority we will always ensure that all 3 translation steps are done.

– When requesting a quote for translation we ask that you provide us with the original source file. If a client sends an un-editable file, it will result in higher desktop publishing (DTP) services formatting costs which will unnecessarily drive your quote price up.

– Take into consideration that when translating a document into certain languages, expansion can occur where there are more words in the target language, which normally requires DTP work. A good example of this is Spanish, which has approximately 20% more words than its English counterpart.

– Be aware of which dialect you need for your target language of the translation you need. Some languages have several dialects, and knowing which specific one you need for your translation is essential for it to be translated properly to be localized to your target market.

Here at LingoStar, we have qualified translators in many different fields of specialization. They are not only proficient in different languages, but also concentrate on different cultures and specific dialects. They provide their expertise and education in their native languages to satisfy your multilingual needs. If you would like us to assist with any questions, do not hesitate to ask for a free quote today! It is our pleasure to provide high-quality language services to our clients.