Socializing and Networking: Do Translators Need It?

Socializing and Networking for Translators translation industry, socializing and networking, canadian translators

Many translators ask themselves: why should I socialize and network with other translators if I have clients and I am satisfied with my workload? The answer is that the translation industry is constantly growing and changing, and for every professional in this field it is essential to communicate with colleagues to keep track of events and grow with the industry.

Networking helps people build relationships and gain trust. Due to networking, people exchange knowledge, experience, and ideas, and this generates new ideas and leads to progress. Social media opens a whole new world of networking opportunities: LinkedIn and Facebook, the two biggest professional platforms, let translators promote themselves, get support from their peers, and keep improving their professional skills. Research related to social networking by Pew Internet Project shows that Internet users get more support from their social ties, and Facebook users get the most support.

By networking we mean not only being an active user of social media, but also attending events and conferences. Social media is a pretty abstract tool and it doesn’t always help to make a first impression. However, if you go to translation events or linguistic conferences, you are more likely to meet people who share your ideas and interests. Another way to network is to join a translators association, especially if you are working as a freelancer. For example, as a member of a translators association you can get good legal advice or support before signing a contract with a particular company or starting a new project that will monopolize all of your time. Some of these associations are The Canadian Translators, Terminologists and Interpreters Council, American Translators Association, the Organización Mexicana de Traductores, etc.

Networking helps translators improve their skills, learn more about the industry, and become better specialists.

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