Importance of non-verbal communication

There is a Japanese proverb “The eyes say more than the mouth”. It means eyes show one’s real feelings, and it is more trustworthy than spoken words. According to a professor of Psychology at UCLA, when there is an inconsistency between verbal information and non-verbal information, people tend to believe non-verbal information rather than verbal information. For example, if someone says “It was really nice to meet you today” with a frown face, most people will feel that he/she is not happy.

Verbal communication is simple. It is divided by just spoken words and written words, but non-verbal communication is more complicated. Here are some examples:

Body Language and Posture:
Gesture, Attitude, Behavior, Body movement etc.
Facial Expression:
Smile, Frown, Eye Gaze (Hold, or avoid eye contact), etc.
Voice tone:
Tone of voice, pitch, etc.
Height, weight, clothing, hairstyle etc.

In this way, non-verbal communication is important in face-to-face communication. It is beneficial to be aware of non-verbal communication when you would like to leave someone with a positive impression.

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