How Translators Worldwide Improve Our Lives

How Translators Worldwide Improve Our Lives

The number of translators in the world

It is said that there are 6,900 different languages in the world today. In a world where so many languages exist, there are professionals who play an important role in connecting people through different languages. These professionals are translators, located worldwide. They introduce foreign cultures and their languages to their communities. Furthermore, they translate the nuances of other languages accurately and, through accurate translation, they help to provide relevant information. Even if not always obvious, translators worldwide affect in our lives in numerous ways.

For example, they help to convey messages to younger generations. As languages change over time, translators must adapt. The Internet gave birth to slang, and the younger generation creates new words all the time. Therefore, translators need to constantly keep up with the latest language trends.

So, how many translators are there in the world? According to some estimates, there are 640,000 translators in the world. They are based in various regions around the world and work on a wide variety of translations. Their presence is essential to keep the 6,900 languages alive.

How translators worldwide help people’s lives

Translators worldwide are behind many of the things we do and enjoy. Take arts and culture, for example. Many books and artworks have become available thanks to the work of translators. Another fitting example is the film industry. Numerous countries make films and watch those with subtitles or dubbed into other languages. If a movie is made in one language only, it cannot be distributed and shared across the globe. And this is where translators come in. Translators are responsible for bringing art forms to wider audiences through translation.

In addition, translators can also save lives. In March 2011, Japan was hit by the Great East Japan Earthquake. How many non-Japanese speaking people were in the affected areas when the earthquake struck? In times of emergency, the feeling of safety that a native language provides is immeasurable. Under such circumstances, having the evacuation instructions available in other languages is crucial, as it can save lives. This is why it’s essential to prepare for these kinds of situations by having appropriately translated emergency announcements. This way, the public can notice in a timely manner and lives can survive in situations of unpredictable natural disasters or travel emergencies.

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Preservation of endangered languages by translators worldwide

Have you ever heard of the term “endangered languages”? Briefly, it is a language at imminent risk of extinction because its speakers are disappearing. For example, the Jingle language spoken in northern Australia has only about 10 speakers left and is therefore endangered. It is the role of translators worldwide to bring awareness of the existence of such languages to the rest of the world. Translators can help to translate stories and legends from an endangered language into English, for example, and convey information that describes a particular endangered culture. Such information can then be distributed in a myriad of other languages so that people worldwide get to know this culture. Through such a chain of events, an endangered culture and language can be preserved for future generations.

What LingoStar can offer

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