Global Gender Gap

As women’s participation in society is increasing, their role in the business world is also becoming more important. But it is true that only women can give birth, so it is controversial that women have to be at home, or should be treated as same as men.   But it depends on countries or cultures whether equality of men and women is regarded as important or not.  It is a crucial issue for women who would like to pursue their careers the same as men, and this issue may force them to give up their goals or dreams. Here are some examples:


In Japan, data shows that only 11.1% of women were working as an administrative post in 2013. Also there are no female prime ministers in Japanese history. Korea is in a similar situation.  In most of Asian countries, it can be said that women are not treated equally to men. It is mostly because of Asian conservative cultures, and it is not easy to get rid of them.


Among countries in Europe such as Sweden, Finland, and the Netherlands, at least 40% of members of the National Parliament are women. And it is common that women have infant-care leave as well as long-term maternity leave. Also there is wage gap between men and women, but it is not as obvious as it is in Asian countries. Such a situation shows that most European countries are successful in filling up the gender gap.


According to ‘The Global Gender Gap’ which measures gender gaps from the economy, politics, education, and health, Canada is ranked 20th out of 136 countries. Regarding the presence of women in the workplace, Canada is in 9th place. On the other hand, Canada is ranked 35th when it comes to wage equality, and 41st on political empowerment. It shows that Canada is still on the way to improving gender equality.


There are several reasons for gender gap, and it is not easy to change the situation. But in modern society, a lot of countries make efforts to fill up the gender gap.  According to data, more than 70% of translators, terminologists, and interpreters in Canada are women. In this industry, women have chances to pursue their career with no problem. Here at LingoStar, we provide various types of services related to languages. Call us today or send us an email for a free quote!