English | German | Spanish Certified Interpreter and Translator

Interview with Giovanni, Certified Interpreter and Translator from English and German to Spanish and from Spanish to German:


First things first, we would love to learn more about you: why and when did you decide to become a translator/interpreter? Where did the idea come from, and have you ever considered doing anything else?

I wanted to become an interpreter since the early age of 6. My whole family used to watch the Miss Universe pageant on television, and I wanted to be the guy who interpreted for the candidates. I thought that was the coolest job in the world.
I’m satisfied with what I do now, but if I had to move to another business, I’d probably open a restaurant where I’d be the cook (or head chef, if you will).

How different is being a translator/interpreter from what you had expected?

It’s been pretty much what I’d expected as a grown up. I enjoy reading and learning about something different every day.

What is, according to you, the best way to learn a foreign language? How did you learn your languages?

In my opinion, there’s really no best way as everyone learns in a different way.
I went to language institutes, both locally and abroad, but I also spent quite a significant amount of time studying independently on my own.

What are the challenges of being a translator/interpreter? What are the perks?

There’s more and more competition every day, and computer software is getting better and better and more affordable each time. Perks?  Compared to other jobs, translating gives you a lot of flexibility to manage your own time. Besides, it still pays well.


Thank you very much!