How to Receive a Free Quote

Choose the service below to receive a free quote right away. Your request will be handled in strict confidence. We will review your documentation and email you a quote as soon as possible.

Please fill in the form below or email us directly at!

If you are requesting a certified translation, instead of filling out the below form, please visit our EASY TO USE ONLINE STOREfor certified translations with all prices and ready-to-order forms available!

More detailed information about certified translation you can find here.

If you are requesting an interpretation quote, please EMAILus the following:

  • language pair(s)
  • purpose of the assignment
  • date, time & location

You can find more information about LingoStar Interpretation Services here.

If you are requesting a voice-over quote, please EMAILus the script and information regarding

  • language and accent required
  • female or male voice & type
  • tone of voice-over (e.g. commercial, corporate presentation).

More detailed information about voice-over translation can be found here.

If you are requesting a website translation quote, please submit the content of your website in an MS Word document in the form below.

We understand that occasionally you may not have a MS Word document available. In this case, please EMAILus links to individual website pages that require translation. Some websites have many pages with many links and we want to make sure we are only quoting you for the text that requires translation.

For more information about website translation you can look here.

If you require services other than translation, interpretation and voiceover, please EMAILus a short description of your project.

Other services include:

We aim to deliver your quote within 24 hours, but occasionally more time is required if it is for a complex project.


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LingoStar will provide the expertise to help you with all of your professional translation needs!

To date, LingoStar Language Services has served over 3,000 corporate clients across Canada and the USA!

If you do not hear from us within 1-2 hours, please contact us again by phone or email as we may not have received your request.